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Friday, October 14, 2011

Holy Crap!

It's been almost a month (gasp!) since I have posted! Getting the house ready for the in laws' vacation out here consumed WAY more time than I thought it would! Then, while they were here, I barely had any time to get on the computer, plus I was wiped out by the end of the day everyday! We did a whole lot while they were here, and we had a blast! Well, except for my EVO breaking (I have ended my 7 year relationship with Sprint because of it). Now that the family has left, and I have gotten back into my daily routine, I *should* be blogging more! I have a TON of pictures from the vacation that I still have to upload and edit, but soon I will give a daily synopsis of the adventures we had during our vacation! It may take a while, but I will post! I hope you guys are doing well, and I will do my best to keep up with the blogging :)
For now though, I have got to go to the grocery store....