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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh blog....

I have been neglecting you, sweet blog, and for that I am sorry.

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let y'all know I'm still alive! I've been spending alot of time with school and Kevin lately, and have been too tired at night to blog. We are doing alright though! I do have a few pictures I want to share with everyone documenting what we have been up to lately!
Since I last blogged, we have celebrated Thanksgiving (we went to the lovely Sarah's house and had a fantabulous dinner! (I forgot to bring my camera and take pictures, sorry!) ) and celebrated Kevins birthday!

I got him this for the PS3, along with a ginormous strategy guide! Boy does he love it too!
Seriously, he plays that game for hours. I have mostly been just going to the gym and Kevin has been working. We havent even gone to the beach since my in laws left back in October! We have been real homebodys lately. Last weekend, however, we tried something new and went scuba diving for the first time ever!

                                                                      "Under the sea,
                                                                      Under the sea,
                                                                       Darling it's better,
                                                                      Down where it's wetter,
                                                                      Take it from me.
                                                                      Up on the shore they work all day,
                                                                      Out in the sun they slave away,
                                                                      While we devotin',
                                                                      Full time to floatin',
                                                                      Under the sea..."

 Let me just say that at first it was REALLY weird, but then I got used to it and it was super fun! I did get a little nauseous when we got out of the water and were leaving, but it didnt stick around too long. Kevin and I definitely want to try scuba diving again!!

Other than that, we have been just taking it day by day. I'm thinking of switching up the name of this blog, so if you suddenly see a different name on it, thats why! Now that school is out for the next 2 weeks, I will have some time to redesign this blog and refresh it a little! Kevin and I aren't going home for Christmas this year, and heck, we didnt even put up any decorations either! We just havent been in the Christmas spirit lately because of the whole infertility thing and the fact that we are trying to get our savings account back on track so shopping is non existent this year!
I am going to wrap this up, as I have to go over a zumba routine that I am giving tomorrow morning to Kevins platoon! Wish me luck, it should be a blast (and my first time teaching--AHHHH!!). I sure hope they like the songs!

I do want to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year though!!

See you soon!