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Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Swap!

On a military wives forum that I participate in, we had a book swap. Basically we got matched with a swap partner and bought them a book or two, plus some goodies to include something local to our area. This was a wonderful idea because we are stationed all over the world. My partner was stationed in Okinawa. I sent her all sorts of local things like a lei, postcards, decorated the box with aloha wrapping paper, and our staple: Chocolate covered macadamia nuts! Anyway, today I received my swap box from the person assigned to me ( a different person). This young lady is the wife of an Air Force guy, and they are stationed in England! I opened up my box and pulled these out

A few books, and some cool stuff from England! The telephone tea pot and tea cup are really cool and I'm excited to find a safe place for them! The pink book is Married to the Military by Meredith Leyva (who is also the founder of the forum I'm on that organized the swap!). Its a "Survival Guide" for military wives, girlfiends, fiances, and women in the military. Being the spouse of a military member, I'm always learning new stuff about this lifestyle, so this book is a great resource. I also got some British Tea, and 2 other books. Thanks Swap Partner!!! :)

I started today by going to Monday morning step class. It kicked my booty, but I felt great afterwards and even had enough energy to get about 50% of the upstairs spare room straightened out. I got bored this afternoon, so I decided to get a wrap and a smoothie and relax the rest of the day. I got to talk to Kevin this evening (as I do every evening), which brightens my day! The rest of the evening will be spent watching more of the 31 Days of Oscar on Turner Classic Movies channel(I love classic film--especially from the 30's-the 50's) and reading some before bed.
I'm going to try to finish the spare room tomorrow, after spin class of course :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Lawnmower,

At first I was happy purchasing you because you did such a fine job at cutting the grass in our yard. Today, however, I am regretting buying you. After only one use, you have decided not to start, and this is a problem because our yard won't mow itself. Thats why I bought you. So please start tomorrow after I go out and buy you a new spark plug!


Dang lawnmower. The yard really needs to be mowed, the grass grows fast here! I did manage to get one of my TDY projects complete today! All of Kevins Army stuff was upstairs in the hall closet. I took all of that stuff and put it downstairs and took all of the boxes, the Christmas Tree (in its box and a sheer pain to get up the stairs), and other stuff and placed it in the upstairs closet. Both closets are now organized and that makes me happy (and accomplished!).
I did edit some more pictures today, but had to stop for awhile because it started to get a little mundane. Plus, for some reason I couldnt concentrate on them very well (probably the fact I havent been eating much). I have to get better at eating 3 meals a day when Kevin is away. I ate breakfast and dinner, but sort of forgot about lunch.....
Tomorrow I will be back into my routine of going to the gym, which I am very excited about! After the gym, Ive got to go get a spark plug for said lawnmower and attempt to cut the grass again. I also plan on starting to clear out the spare room full of boxes we have leftover from our big move. That project will take some time! For now, its off to finish the laundry and go up to bed.
Good night, y'all!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boring days ahead...

One of my projects during this TDY is to get a bunch of our pictures edited and ready for processing so I can frame them and make our walls look less naked. I spent alot of the day doing this, and playing around with the features of the editor to get them just right. I'm a perfectionist, so its a slow moving process. After about 2 this afternoon, I was getting a bit of cabin fever, so I ventured out to the food court to grab a smoothie just to get out of the house! I had planned on mowing the yard today, but it rained so that (as well as my planned bike ride) was out of the equation. During my smoothie adventure, I received a call from the Scentsy consultant I ordered my warmer from. My order was in, so I dropped by her place to pick it up! I must say, I am pleased with my purchase! My kitchen smells awesome :D
I would like a couple more for our bathrooms :)
Tomorrow, I really would like to mow the yard, so I hope it isnt rainy. I plan on going on a bike ride as well, just to get some exercise. I've got a few more pictures to edit, but they should be ready to go on a CD tomorrow night so I can get them processed and hung up. Oh, and I need to do some laundry ;)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Trying to keep busy....

I made it to step class this morning!!! After a wonderful workout, I headed over to the PX to return a computer game that wouldnt work on Kevins computer. Of course they gave me a hard time. She told me that we couldnt get store credit because it was opened. The only option was to exchange it for another game. Kevin reluctantly agreed to get another game, but I told the lady that if this one doesnt work I will be back to talk to a manager and the store credit will be issued.
Anyway, after that mishap, I found myself back home editing more pictures. After the gym today I have had a weird on and off headache that just wouldnt go away, so I stayed away from the stain for the desk and benches. I didnt hear from Kevin much today, he has been really busy since arriving at his location. That stinks because I would really love to talk to him! He did make me a promise that he would call each night before he went to bed :)
After a few months of getting frustrated with the wi-fi on my laptop (it wouldnt recognize our wireless router unless the ethernet cable was directly connected to it), I finally fixed the problem!!! I'm excited because now I can take my laptop upstairs with me if I want to relax in bed while surfing the net, playing Sims, etc.! I feel so smart and technologically awesome :P
Tomorrow, I am thinking about getting up and going to the gym (I think theres a step class tomorrow), then I plan on mowing the yard :) I may go on a bike ride as well. Another goal during this TDY is to bike down and back up the gulch 4 times. I just have to remember to bring my ipod :)

Good night folks!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

PTA and an award!

Before I get into the events of today, I want to give a shout out to another lovely blogger to has so graciously given me an award! Thank you to Hawkerswife for giving me this award! I shall post it proudly on my page :D

Have I mentioned this is my VERY FIRST award?!?!?!? I feel so darn special!!! :D
And now to pass on the award to a few of my favorite blogs to read!

Enjoy your award, ladies!!

Today, Kevin left for 2 weeks-ish for his rotation at PTA (training on the Big Island). I say "-ish" because he is the last rotation and he has to help close up shop, so sadly I think he will be there more than 2 weeks :( Our morning started early-- we were up at 0630, I made Kevin some breakfast while he put some last minute things in his backpack, and we were off to the drop off point to wait for the aircraft to arrive to pick them up. Well, no one else has been picked up on time for these rotations, so I thought about running a pool to see when they would actually fly out. They were supposed to leave at 1030, but due to some crazy weather @ the Big Island, the flight was delayed. Pay up, Kevin :P
While we were waiting, we hung out and talked to other folks in Kevins group. Around lunchtime, we went across the street to grab some yummies, but 5 minutes into our meal Kevin got a call from the pick-up area saying they were flying out like right now (when they had just been told they had 35 mins to make it back to the launch area). So he scarfed his food down, rounded up his group, and off they went--all within like 5 minutes...Jen's impressed!
Once I got home, I took apart the benches I will be staining to match the desk. I really didnt feel like doing much today, so I edited some photos and caught up on my blog reading (which I admit I have been slipping on recently--sorry ladies!!). I also made a couple of trips to the mailbox because I'm expecting several things right now and I have been sorely dissappointed when I gaze into my empty mailbox. Stuff better start coming soon, I would hate to think my mailman is jacking my stuff (I know this happens, I used to work for UPS). *sigh* I hope my packages come soon....
Tomorrow, I will be going to step class (yay!), and I've got to take a computer game back that didnt work right on Kevins computer (even though its specifically for Mac...frustrating). Anyway, from what I understand is that they will give us store credit, and theres an item thats going on sale March 4th that I would like for our bedroom, so the store credit will go towards that! I'm also going to work on the spare room some as well.

Good night folks

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faucet Nose.

It stops up, leaves, then comes back. Im talking about my faucet nose. Its been running since Saturday. Its really annoying, just thought I would share. This morning, I recieved a text from Kevin that says he is going on his TDY a day early. So instead of packing tomorrow night, he has to pack up tonight. Its just like the Army to try and steal my love away from me a day early! He wont be gone long though :)
I didnt go to the gym today. To be perfectly honest, I probably wont go tomorrow either! I am going to make it to Friday morning step class though! I didnt do much today, just some more photo editing and Kevin came home early so we went to get him a haircut/get some last minute things for him to take on his trip. The only other thing we have done today is have a nice dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Im posting a little early tonight so that we can get this packing done and head to bed. Poor Kevin has a long day tomorrow :(
After I drop off Kevin, I plan on getting right to work on my "TDY Projects", stuff I want to get accomplished while Kevin is away (I also plan on putting together a large list of stuff to do when he deploys, but thats for another post!). These "projects" include, but arent limited to: Hanging picture frames, getting wedding photos developed and placed in said frames, clearing out the spare room, re-arranging the living room, finishing the renovation on the desk, staining the benches we just pulled in from the garage, organizing all of the photos on my computer, hanging some curtains, organizing the closets in all of our bedrooms, and switching all of the contents from the upstairs hall closet (Kevins army paraphernalia) with the contents of the downstairs hall closet (boxes we save, i.e., the Christmas tree and Christmas paraphernalia, the boxes that hold the laptop, game systems, etc.). I also plan on losing 5 lbs and getting my tan on during this time :)
Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"There will be NO brewed coffee served today."

FAIL. The phrase itself isnt a fail, but where it was posted is deserving of the title of Fail of the day. This phrase was handwritten on a piece of paper and taped to the counter of ........................Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks the COFFEE place. I went in this morning to get a Java Chip frappuccino, and laughed my butt off when I saw this sign. The girl behind the counter told me they were having their coffee made at the Burger King down the hall in the food court because their coffee machines were broken. Tragic!!!! Haha, anyway I was able to get my Frapp without a problem and I was a happy camper :)
I really didnt do much today, as the house is clean. I spent the majority of the day playing with the new features of the photo editor I use. I only ventured out once, to the hangar to drop Kevins phone off to him, and to the pharmacy which led to my Starbucks visit. I didnt go to spin this morning (another tragedy!!!!!) because my throat was really scratchy this morning and I didnt want to be feeling uncomfortable in the middle of the workout. Kevin and I were planning on going for a bike ride after he got off work today, but it decided to rain at 4:30. Boo it was nice all day until then :(
Tomorrow I am going to kickboxing (yay!) and hopefully we can go bike riding after work as well! I'm also planning on going around the neighborhood with the camera to practice photographing plants and trees :) I'm also planning on putting up some pictures!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day

Poor Kevin had to work this morning. He was only supposed to be there from 0830 until like 1000, but as usual he had to stay late because of a bum aircraft. I spent the morning editing pictures, finishing laundry, and putting a 3rd coat of stain on the top of the desk (to see if its going to need a 4th). After awhile, I got really bored, so I wandered down to the hangar and hung out with Kevin for a little while. He finally got off of work, and proceeds to head home and take a nap! During his nap, I got a text from my friend Chantal saying that she was on her way home and we can meet up for our girl date soon!
Once at her place, we got right to business removing that pesky tree from her backyard. It wasnt that hard to take down because we had the right tools! I bought a pruning set the other day for our potential garden, and I must say I am very happy with my purchase :) Along with a mini saw I brought and a hand saw Chantal has, we got the tree chopped down fairly quickly. Afterwards, we headed inside and proceeded to play the Wii for a bit until Christina had to go. I did try my hand at Just Dance, which is really fun and a great workout! I did get beat pretty bad by Chantal though haha.
We hung out and chatted some more, then Kevin texted me asking me to grab him some chinese food on the way home. Chantal lives right around the corner from the food court, so I dropped by to pick up the food. They had very little food out, and according to the lady's attitude behind the counter, they werent going to make any more for the evening. Bummer. So we just decided to order Domino's and call it a night, which is what we are waiting on at this very moment.
Once I got home, Kevin told me that he is starting to feel poopy, so I may have given him my bug that I had :( I really feel bad because I only had it for a day or so (thats how it goes when I dont feel well) and he will probably have it a few days. Im sorry Kevin!!!
Tomorrow its back in the gym for spin class. Faucet nose should be long gone, so class shouldnt be too bad! Afterwards, its back to working on the desk and starting to get the boxes of stuff out of our 2nd spare bedroom!
Au Revoire folks!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rest day :)

So last night I mentioned that my throat started getting itchy and I got the beginnings of faucet nose. Well, this morning I was still feeling really poopy. My morning consisted of laundry, orange juice, and cuddling up on the couch with my 2 favorite felines. Kevin went to Lowes for some stuff (I have another project--yay! :D ) while I slept on the couch. That extra 2 and a half hours of sleep worked wonders, because when I got up to continue the laundry, most of the stuffy feeling in my head was gone. Kevin went out again to change the oil in my car, but the car care place was closed :( He did stop and get me some NyQuil though! I freaking love my husband, he is so good to me :) My throat is still a little scratchy, but NyQuil will take care of that tonight! Since I was feeling better, I did something I've been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now...I made Kevin some Chocolate Chip cookies! I even put tons of extra mini-chips in the dough, so they are extra chocolate-y!

They turned out pretty delicious! After cookies, we grilled some delicious steaks and soon we will be heading upstairs for our Sunday night shows (while folding laundry--yippee.).

Tomorrow I plan on putting some pictures up around the house and getting a final (yes, FINAL) coat of stain on the desk. It just wasnt dark enough last coat. In the afternoon, I have a girl date with my friend Chantal! Our plans? To chop down a tree that has decided to grow in her backyard! I just bought some new hedge clippers last week, and I'm pretty excited to use them!

*Oh, how do you guys like the new blog header I cooked up?? Pretty spiffy, huh? I really like how it turned out, and the best part is that I just used a photo editing program to create it and it only took me like 20 minutes! I'm also reading on how to create my own custom background for the blog as well. The makeover isn't completely done yet, but should be in the next few days :) *

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Evening Post

Kevin and I slept in today :)

After Kevin went to class, I came home and cleaned the house from top to bottom. I got all of the bathrooms cleaned, the downstairs and upstairs floors, the living room got some special much needed attention, and I deep cleaned the kitchen! I took my time, but it got done and it looks great! After Kevin got home, he made dinner (I love when he cooks!)! I feel pretty accomplished today and am anxious to get the laundry all done tomorrow so I dont have to worry about housework all next week :)
Potential bummer though--once I sat down to dinner after cleaning, I noticed my nose has started running and the back of my throat is scratchy....uh oh, Im not cool with that. My head is feeling a little stuffy too. I rarely ever get sick, and I really dont want to be sick right now either. Blah, if Im still feeling poopy tomorrow I am going down to the store to get some DayQuil because I dont have time for illnesses!
I think Im going to head upstairs and get some rest...good night yall!

Friday, February 18, 2011

An adventurous, fun-filled day with my favorite guy!

Today didnt start out so peachy, though. I went to step class this morning, but before I went in, I took off my wedding rings to put some lotion on my legs. Well, I usually put my rings in my lap while I do that and remember to put them back on before I get out of the car, but this time it slipped my mind just that easily. Once inside the gym, I got all of the equipment set up that I needed for class, and began working out. Well as a force of habit, I went to straighten out my rings and realized they werent on my hand. I immediately ran outside to my car and searched frantically for my rings. Couldnt find them. I looked and looked, then called Kevin all upset because I had potentially lost my precious wedding rings. He told me not to worry, we would find them. I went back and forth from the gym to the car, thinking they fell off of my shirt on the way. After going back into class and putting my equipment away, I went back out to the car do search one more time. I finally found them between the seat and center console *phewwwww*. Needless to say, I almost had a heart attack this morning!
The rest of the day got better though! Kevin only had to work a couple hours this morning, but I had him the rest of the day! We decided to go to Hickam and have lunch at the beachfront resteraunt, followed by a little laying out in the sun! Some pictures :)

Mai Tai and a Longboard (both Hawaiian products, btw)...good way to start off the afternoon!

My super handsome, hot ,sexy husband :D

Having fun with the camera!

"I dont want to burn my beautiful face!" -What Kevin said as I took this pic :)

I really heart this one!

Palm trees, blue skies, and turquoise water--you cant beat it!

I heart this one too :)
It was a beautiful afternoon, and we had a great time just relaxing! After the beach, we went over to the NEX because Kevin decided to get a mountain bike so we could ride together! The NEX didnt have any mens mountain bikes in our price range, but the nice lady at the counter called over to the BX down the road to see if they had any, and they did! So now Kevin is the proud owner of a new mountain bike! Sorry I dont have any pics of it yet, I will take one tomorrow and share then! Of course when we got home with the bike, we had to take them for a spin together! We went halfway around the airfield, down and back up both gulches (really long steep hills where the guys do PT sometimes), all the way down to the stables (about a mile down a dirt road after you get to the bottom of the big gulch), and back home. My thighs are burning, but the ride was really nice and I really enjoyed the time with Kevin! All in all, I think we biked over 5 miles this evening and it was awesome! Now that we are back home, we are pretty pooped so its up to bed we go!
Tomorrow Im really not doing anything. If its sunny I may lay out in the backyard :)
Good night folks!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A day with my love

Today is Thursday, and......... Kevin had the day off!!! We started the day by sleeping in, then I went to the commissary. While I was elbow deep in the frozen veggie section, Kevin suprised me by stopping by on his way to the clothing and sales shop. We met back up at home, put the groceries away, and went to Lowes to get some stuff for Kevin. While there, I went over to the garden section to check out the types of flowers I can plant this spring. I found some that I really like, so Im going to get some large pots and start planting here soon! Ive never really planted a garden, so Im pretty excited!
I did get a chance to try out my new bike this afternoon. I just rode around the house and up and down the alleyway a bit. When I rode up the walkway to the front of my house, those weeds were staring me in the face. Remember when I said the "landscapers" never do their jobs? Well, along the construction fence, some weeds have been growing since we moved in back in October. Theyve never been cut. Let me show ya something!!!

This is what it looks like from our front porch:

This is where it gets really bad. These weeds have been neglected SO long, they have started growing what looks like miniature TOMATOES on them!!!!!

These are WEEDS. I'm planning on taking these pictures down to the community center tomorrow so that maybe, just maybe, they will have someone come out and actually do their job.

Anyway, this evening Kevin and I are hanging out watching The Shawshank Redemption. He has to work tomorrow, but only for a little bit in the morning. Im going to the gym for step class! Im very excited to be feeling better enough to jump back into my routine :) Its also going to be a house cleanin' kind of day :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slow day

I say this because it took me FOREVER to get anywhere today. I did not go to kickboxing because if it hurts to walk down your steps, its probably not a good idea to practice kicks to upbeat music for an hour! I was moving very slow today. My legs are still super stiff so walking anywhere was an adventure. I did make it to the store today as well as to the hangar to drop off some stuff for Kevin. Oh, and I got gas for the car. Filled her up for $50.00. Yeah its 3.55 a gallon here for mid-grade (cheap stuff was out!). Blah, it could be worse, it could be Hampton gas prices in 2008! 4 freaking dollars a gallon pfft.
Anyway, I took it easy today, straightened up the kitchen, and proceeded to pick up cat puke from 4 different locations in our house! All from today. Dang cats..... I think Im going to put them on another food more sensitive for their tummies. The last food worked well, but at 23 bucks per 3 lb bag, its a little out of our price range in the long term. Hopefully I find a food that works well and is wallet friendly :)
Tonight we are having dinner and Im thinking about putting warm compresses on the back of my legs to relax the muscles out a bit. I fully intend on going Zumba tomorrow morning, so we will see how that goes!
Tomorrow, its the gym then grocery shopping yay! Kevin is *supposed* to be off work, but 20 bucks says they call him in for something dumb. He said he may even join me at the gym!!

Good night folks!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ohhhh, my legssss.....

Today I went to spin class, against my better judgement. I say that because I woke up and the area from my hips down to my mid thighs was super stiff and sore. Yesterdays step class routine was fairly easy, even though I sweated like crazy. My legs were feeling normal afterwards, so I think the soreness came after I finished the lawn. I did alot of squatting and kneeling/then standing while trimming the grass along the fenceline and walkway. Like the common sense genius I am, I not only went to spin this morning, I pushed myself like I promised myself I wouldnt do. Yeah, Im not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes. Its a bummer too, because I really want to go to kickboxing tomorrow morning and my workout buddy is going to be there! If my legs are still stiff and sore, I just cant do it and expect to go to zumba on Thursday and step on Friday. *sigh* I hope the legs relax out some, Im loving this 5 day a week routine Ive started. Plus, once I get a job, Im going to have to forgo my morning classes.
After spin, I picked some Subway up for Kevin and hung out with him at the hangar for a few minutes. Then I came home and cleaned the laundry room out! I also changed the headlights and brake lights out in my car :D
I called the community office and made a complaint as well. I really didnt want to be THAT resident who makes complaints, but when my front yard and the little spot next to my car hasnt been mowed in EIGHT WEEKS, it gets annoying. Yesterday, I spent SEVERAL hours out in the yard, and the whole time, the "landscapers" sat around and chatted with each other and didnt do any damn work! I finally heard one of them with a weedeater outside the front of my house, and pardon my french, he did a HALF ASS job! It still looks like crap, and the front of the construction fence (facing my house) has weeds that have been growing since we moved in and have not been cut (they're like 4 ft tall +!) . I understand we live on the inside end, and because the construction fence is still out there no one really comes down here except for us, our neighbors, and the "landscapers", but REALLY?!?! Dont be lazy. I would still like for my yard and area to look nice. I would do it myself, but Kevin says not to because its their job and If I mow it and take care of the weeds myself then the problem will not get solved. Oh, and I was out working on the car for an hour and a half today, and the "landscapers" were right on the other side of the fence (they even had a guy come with fresh layers of sod on his truck) and all they did the whole time was listen to music and stand around talking to each other. Sod guy just parked his truck, chatted it up with his co "workers", and an hour and a half later left with the rest of them. So I complained. I felt it was justified because I'm tired of seeing these guys show up, work like 20 minutes the whole day total, then leave. They probably get paid pretty well for it too. Community center lady told me that she would forward that to her manager. I hope they have someone come out here. Whoever it is isnt going to be pleased. I will say that they are doing a great job keeping those yards that are frequently seen by Island Palm Communities staff looking really nice. Hmmmm.....

Thanks for letting me rant :D

Kevin and I were going to walk a bit around the neighborhood tonight, but we are both really tired so we went to walmart instead haha. Thankfully they didnt have what we were looking for so we were in and out! Dinners in the oven and afterwards we are heading upstairs to bed. Yeah, I dont even think I will make it to the new episode of Tosh.O, which comes on at 8pm.
Tomorrow, I may or may not go to Kickboxing, but otherwise I've got to run a couple of errands in the morning, then its off to the North Shore with my friend Samantha--we are going to check out a new tanning place :)

More tomorrow, and maybe some pictures!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Kevin had to go to work extra early today, so I got up and headed to Monday morning step class. I got a great workout, and sweated my butt off!!! After step, I brought Kevins PT uniform and some lunch down to his office because he had PT mid-day. I ended up staying and chatting with Kevin and his co-workers, which was fun! Oh, I also brought Kevins Valentines gifts in. I got him a box of chocolates that said "you rock my world" on the cover, a stuffed monkey wearing a hoodie that said "Be Mine", and a card. He loved it!
After Kevin went to PT, I came home and ate, then I...... Mowed the yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took forever to get it done, but its super short now and I cant wait to start fixing it up. The grass quality is really crappy (you can tell our yard was literally slapped together), so I plan on getting some fertilizer and maybe some new grass seed to make it more lush :) Oh, and we dont have a weedeater, so I cut the grass along the walkway and fence with scissors! That took awhile as well, but Im pleased with how it turned out. Now if only I could make the yard more healthy.....
After Kevin got off of work today, we headed down to the NEX because he wanted to see if they had something he wanted to get me for Valentines day. I was thinking he wanted to get me a certain box of chocolates or flowers or something, but when we got there, he made a beeline for......the mountain bikes?? I was a little perplexed at first, but then he told me he wanted to get me a bike for Valentines day, but our store on post didnt have the one he wanted to get me, so thats why we were at the NEX! Anyway, this is my Valentines Day gift!

Nevermind the messy dining room haha. Its a gold, white, and black Diamondback (which Kevin says is a good brand to have). I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!!! Because I cant run, I have never been able to go with Kevin when he I can!!! He got it for me for this purpose and I'm excited to join him in his jogs around post :) Plus, my buddy Chantal has a bike as well and was looking for a biking partner, so Im excited to be her biking buddy! Here in Hawaii, you have to register your bicycle with the DMV, so I cant bike off post until I get that done. Its okay though, I only planned on biking on post mostly anyhow :)
So that was our evening! I have the best husband ever and he totally spoils me rotten! I am looking forward to a hundred more Valentines Days with him :D
How was your Valentines Day?? Did you celebrate or do anything special? I hope everyone enjoyed their day!! Im heading to bed to cuddle with said awesome husband-- He will be gone next Valentines Day, so I'm trying to enjoy every minute I can with him ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I love going on dates :)

Today Kevin and I went on a date. It was awesome! Back in December, I won a free Sunday Champagne Brunch for two at the Hale Koa. Kevin and I had reservations for 1000 so we headed downn to Waikiki after we got up and showered. When we got there, we were seated by a hostess. On the way we saw this

This guy was playing the whole time we were there, it was really nice :)

Here are a few more pictures from our day!

Us in front of our unlimited champagne

Kevin on the grounds of the Hale Koa

Um yeah, thats me!

Having some drinks at the Barefoot Bar!

OH SNAP! Kevin let me wear his OSU Hat!!!

Mmmmmmm....Mai Tai's

This is where we went for dinner

Hamburger boobs.

Multi-tasking MASTER!

And Aloha to you!

We had a fabulous time today! The champagne brunch was awesome (if youre ever in Waikiki, please do this its amazing!).We got to hang out, relax, have some drinks, lay out on the beach, and just be together. I really adore every minute I get with Kevin, because I know that in less than a year, he will be gone for 50 weeks.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!