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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Arts and crafts....

Since I didnt fall asleep until almost 1am, I slept in today until about 9ish. I spent some time with Kevin this morning before he went to his History class, and made reservations for the Sunday Champagne Brunch I won in December from the spouses club! Its at the Hale Koa hotel in Waikiki, and our reservation is for 10am on the 13th. Kevin suggested that we bring a change of clothes and hang out in Waikiki after our brunch :)
Once Kevin was off to his class, I headed upstairs to continue working on the desk. I think its only going to need one more coat, but when its done I will take some pictures for you guys. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself :P
After Kevin got out of class, I met up with him at the PX so we could look around for a lawnmower. We didnt find one there, but we had some lunch! I was going to get Chinese food, but decided to keep it healthy and get a fruit smoothie and a turkey was delicious! We then went down to the NEX Garden store hoping they would have a better selection of lawnmowers (in our price range). They did and we are now the proud owners of one yellow and black lawnmower :D Im very excited to cut the grass tomorrow because our yard is looking pretty rough!
Tomorrow (after the mowing ), we are going to look around for a good place to watch the Super Bowl!!!! I love the Super Bowl for 2 reasons: A) Football, duh!!!! and B) the commercials! Last year Kevin and I watched it by ourselves, but this year I want to watch it with a bunch of other football fans and cheer on.............The Green Bay Packers! They're my pick to win it all! Aaron Rodgers is a great QB and Im confident he wont disappoint :) Once the game is over, its back upstairs to put the third coat of stain on the desk! This is another reason I like living in Hawaii....the game will be over by like 5pm :)

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