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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today I attended our monthly spouses club luncheon, but instead of it being held on Schofield, it was hosted by our sister club down on Ft Shafter! I must say I had a wonderful time, and met some great ladies! I also learned how to play the game of Bunco, which is actually really fun! Its played with 3 dice and if you roll the "number of the round" you get bunco! During the luncheon, I ordered from Scentsy for the first time, and will get my new plug-in warmer in a few days. Heres what I got to start off:

Isnt it cute? I think Im going to put it in our kitchen :)

I also bought a scent bar to go with it

The scent is called "My Wish" and I think it smells lovely! Im excited to start using it! After the luncheon, I headed home hoping to run into Kevin. I forgot he had a dental appointment, so he wasnt home, but he stopped back by after his appointment and told me he hadn't eaten anything all day and had to rush back to work. I then decided to make him some lunch and bring it up to the hangar so my poor love could eat! He was so busy at work today, and his office had a revolving door, even in the 20 minutes I spent up there. Im happy he was able to come home on time today though :)
We went out, picked up dinner, and are heading to bed soon, as he is really tired, and I admit I am too!
Tomorrow I will be getting up and heading to step class, and Im hoping my lower back pain goes away before class starts because back pain+step class= bad juju.
Good night yall!

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