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Friday, February 25, 2011

Trying to keep busy....

I made it to step class this morning!!! After a wonderful workout, I headed over to the PX to return a computer game that wouldnt work on Kevins computer. Of course they gave me a hard time. She told me that we couldnt get store credit because it was opened. The only option was to exchange it for another game. Kevin reluctantly agreed to get another game, but I told the lady that if this one doesnt work I will be back to talk to a manager and the store credit will be issued.
Anyway, after that mishap, I found myself back home editing more pictures. After the gym today I have had a weird on and off headache that just wouldnt go away, so I stayed away from the stain for the desk and benches. I didnt hear from Kevin much today, he has been really busy since arriving at his location. That stinks because I would really love to talk to him! He did make me a promise that he would call each night before he went to bed :)
After a few months of getting frustrated with the wi-fi on my laptop (it wouldnt recognize our wireless router unless the ethernet cable was directly connected to it), I finally fixed the problem!!! I'm excited because now I can take my laptop upstairs with me if I want to relax in bed while surfing the net, playing Sims, etc.! I feel so smart and technologically awesome :P
Tomorrow, I am thinking about getting up and going to the gym (I think theres a step class tomorrow), then I plan on mowing the yard :) I may go on a bike ride as well. Another goal during this TDY is to bike down and back up the gulch 4 times. I just have to remember to bring my ipod :)

Good night folks!


  1. If Brandon wasn't coming home, I'd go bike that Gulch with you! Or maybe we can go next week sometime before he gets here.

  2. Woohoo for getting the wifi fixed!!!

    I hope your able to talk to Kevin more often while he is away