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Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Swap!

On a military wives forum that I participate in, we had a book swap. Basically we got matched with a swap partner and bought them a book or two, plus some goodies to include something local to our area. This was a wonderful idea because we are stationed all over the world. My partner was stationed in Okinawa. I sent her all sorts of local things like a lei, postcards, decorated the box with aloha wrapping paper, and our staple: Chocolate covered macadamia nuts! Anyway, today I received my swap box from the person assigned to me ( a different person). This young lady is the wife of an Air Force guy, and they are stationed in England! I opened up my box and pulled these out

A few books, and some cool stuff from England! The telephone tea pot and tea cup are really cool and I'm excited to find a safe place for them! The pink book is Married to the Military by Meredith Leyva (who is also the founder of the forum I'm on that organized the swap!). Its a "Survival Guide" for military wives, girlfiends, fiances, and women in the military. Being the spouse of a military member, I'm always learning new stuff about this lifestyle, so this book is a great resource. I also got some British Tea, and 2 other books. Thanks Swap Partner!!! :)

I started today by going to Monday morning step class. It kicked my booty, but I felt great afterwards and even had enough energy to get about 50% of the upstairs spare room straightened out. I got bored this afternoon, so I decided to get a wrap and a smoothie and relax the rest of the day. I got to talk to Kevin this evening (as I do every evening), which brightens my day! The rest of the evening will be spent watching more of the 31 Days of Oscar on Turner Classic Movies channel(I love classic film--especially from the 30's-the 50's) and reading some before bed.
I'm going to try to finish the spare room tomorrow, after spin class of course :)

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  1. I have that same book; Married to the Military! It's a great book. My favorite part is towards the back where it tells you what the patches for ranks mean. {They can be so confusing. To me anyway. :P} And lucky you, Mitch Albom is an awesome author. My favorite book by him, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, is also a movie!

    That's a great idea, the book swap. If you can, email me the link! I'd love to join. :)