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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

 I'm sorry I keep skipping days, but I really don't have much to talk about these days! Today, Kevin and I went up to Tripler to meet with his endocrinologist. He told us that he will be referring Kevin to the E.N.T. surgeons to talk about another possible surgery. This surgery will involve taking out his remaining parathyroid glands (but leaving a half of one in-apparently you can function properly with just a half of one!), so its not as crazy invasive as his pancreatectomy was. He is still on non deployable status, and he probably will remain on it for the first half of the deployment. The doc also mentioned an MEB (Medical Board), which will need to be started after the surgery. It  doesnt mean Kevin will have to get out of the army, it just means they evaluate his condition and determine if he can fully function in his regular duties (which he can). The doc is very nice, and he was very informative! Poor Kevin isnt too excited about the surgery (obviously), but he wants to take care of his calcium rise so that he can get back to his normal, healthy self. He is okay with the potential surgery, but he doesnt want to have it done until at least January, when he is fully recovered from his pancreatectomy he had this past April. I feel so bad for him, I know he just wants to get back into his routine and not have to worry about his calcium rising or any more surgeries. The doc is really optimistic about this solution, though, so we are pretty excited to just get it over with!
Most of my day was spent relaxing and enjoying some quiet time. I did get bored after awhile, though, and managed to attend 5pm step class. I dont think I have ever sweated as much as I did with that class tonight!!! It was really hot in there, and I was busting major booty! Kevin even told me that I feel skinnier and am looking more tone--thanks for the confidence boost, my love!!! I'm proud of myself too--I'm in the best shape of my life, and I am excited to continue this new lifestyle!
On a sad note, I have discovered that I cannot eat Maui Mikes anymore-- I got really sick from it the other night, probably because the chicken has a ton of thicker skin (which equals more fat) and I havent had greasy french fries in awhile, so it upset my stomach severely. I havent ate like that in a long time, and my stomach has grown accustomed to the low amount of fat that I put in my body. I do love Maui Mikes though, so this is sad indeed :(
Anyway, so thats that. Tomorrow, I will be attending both zumba classes, one in the morning and one in the evening. I will also be registering for the Joint Spouses Conference, and signing up for some pretty cool workshops! I will be going with my chica Annie, and it promises to be a good time! I'm really excited to take the photography workshop, the cupcake (!!!) workshop, and the hula workshop for sure, but I can pick up to 5! The hula is on my list of things to learn while here in Hawaii, so I'm stoked to cross that off of my list as well!
Ahh, well, its getting late, and I am pretty tired from the early am wakeup call today!! See you guys tomorrow ( and I will let you know what other 2 workshops I signed up for!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

For some reason, I wasnt able to get to sleep last night until after midnight. I was sure I would fall asleep early because Kevin and I had been up since 415am--nope. Blah. Anyway, I was able to get up on time and make it to step class, even though my muscles next to my shins were really sore from walking up hills yesterday. Once I started step class, the pain went away and I thought I was in the clear... turns out that they started hurting again this afternoon :( So I made the difficult decision not to attend zumba class this evening. I will not be going to spin class tomorrow morning like I originally planned, either. If my legs are feeling better by tomorrow night, I will go to kickboxing and zumba.
My afternoon was spent doing a little cleaning. I also ran the self cleaning thingy on the oven--which makes the house smell like Im burning dinner! I started to feel the effects of my lack of sleep this afternoon, and my legs were getting sore again (WTH is up with that, anyway? I thought I was in shape.) so I ended up taking a nap on the couch until Kevin got home from work. Yeah, so that was my day.....interesting stuff, huh?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My first 5K!!

Kevin and I got up early this morning. Really early. Like 4:15am. We were out the door and on our way to a town called Manoa by 530. Once we got there, we grabbed our ankle bracelet timer thingys and waited for the race to start at 700am. The course was 3.1 miles and alot more hilly than I thought it was (the brochure said it was a flat wasnt flat.), but I kept up a 14 minute mile pace walking, and finished in around 44 minutes!! I think it wasnt half bad for having to walk the whole course, hills and all!! Kevin walked with me, and Team Buzuleciu kicked butt!! I did try jogging down a hill, and suprisingly it hurt my hip LESS, so I'm thinking about trying to jog the downhills next race to improve my time!! After the race, we stuck around for the awards ceremony and prize giveaway. Wouldnt ya know I actually WON something!! Guess what it was: Free registration (a $120 value) to the Honolulu Marathon in December. Yeah, I cant do a marathon...its 26 miles! Figures someone like me with screws in her hip would win a free pass to participate in a freaking marathon! I could try walking it, but that takes quite a bit of training in itself, and I just dont think my hip can take 26 miles straight :( So I gave my prize to Kevins coworker, who was going to sign up for the marathon anyway, and she gave me a Hawaiian fern plant that she won! I think it was a good trade :)
Anyway, after we got home, I went to the grocery store while Kevin napped, and later we spent the afternoon just resting and relaxing. We even snuck a trip to Maui Mikes in there for dinner ;)
Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today!

Signage at Jimmy Buffets

Welcome to Paradise :)

Kevin and the pretty Hawaiian lady

Right before the race!

Not bad for a couple of walkers!!!
 Kevin usually runs these things, but he is still in recovery from his surgery and he hasnt been able to work out fully yet, so he walked it with me! Prior to his surgery, he could have cleared 25 minutes on this thing!
Finally, here are a couple of pictures from last night, just hanging out!

My three favorite guys in the whole world!
 Oh, the second picture happens to be the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week! This week features Zeus (and Kevin!), racked out on the couch!! Zeus really loves cuddling with us as much as possible--in fact, he is resting on my chest right now as I type this!

Ahh, I love my guys!!!

Tomorrow, I will be back in the gym for step class, and doing some house cleaning/organizing! I will be putting up pictures as well :) Good night folks!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fun filled Saturday

We got to sleep in this morning!!! Well, kinda. We were up by 930 because we had to go pick up our 5K packets for tomorrow, and the pickup hours were limited. After we picked up our packets, we headed over to Petco to pick up some stuff for the furkids (Kevin really thinks he is going to be able to "walk" Mia with a harness and leash--LOL, more on THAT adventure as it unfolds!), then headed down to costco to (finally) get our membership. Kevin wanted to eat lunch at Jimmy Buffetts this afternoon, so we made our way down to Waikiki for a bit as well. Even though its only 800pm here, I am headed to bed because we are getting up at 0415 tomorrow morning! Yeah, hopefully I can get some coffee in my system before the race starts!! I took some neat pictures at Jimmy Buffet's, but I'm too lazy to upload them tonight lol
I will have some pictures from tomorrows events, plus today for you guys tomorrow night! I will also have the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week!
Good night, friends! Hopefully my hip behaves tomorrow, I'm not running, but I will be power walking!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dumb Blogger--

--The reason for not blogging the last couple of nights.
For some reason, I couldn't access my blogger dashboard, so I have been unable to blog (sad face). The last 2 days havent really been that eventful, just a meeting with the Chaplain about "UM", who was spoken to about the whole fiasco on Tuesday. Of course, "UM" threw the commander under the bus instead of admitting his own role in the wrong decision (he does this OFTEN). I know that doesnt make alot of sense, but I really cant use names and titles to protect Kevin. Anyway, the "UM" has been ordered to not retaliate for Kevin reporting this incident, and if he does, the chaplain will be notified and "UM" will be in more trouble than he thinks. Kevin is thinking about requesting a transfer either out of here or out of the unit.
Anyway-- other than that, the last couple of days have been pretty routine! I've kept up with my gym schedule (go me.) and Kevin and I have registered for a 5K on Sunday!! Of course I cant run it, but Kevin is going to be walking it with me!! That and.......................................... we are getting some very special guests the first week of October!!! The other day, I stated that these folks would be here in November, but its more cost efficient for them to fly in October, and Kevin and I are STOKED!! I've got to step up my workouts so that I can reach my goals by October. I dont think it will be too hard, but its a great goal to work towards!!
Tomorrow, I will be resting up for the race on Sunday, and we are going to go pick up our race packets! This is the first 5K I have ever done (you know, because of the bum hip and all), so I am really excited! I feel like I am in good enough shape to really power walk the whole 3 and a half miles, and I will be really excited to finish it! I do wish I could run sometimes, I think I would really love it. We may stop by the pet store for some stuff for the "kids". Speaking of kids, Zeus is getting really big! He will be 8 weeks on Sunday, and he is growing fast! I will have some pictures to share on Sunday showing his growth so far! We think he is going to be really big!
Ahh so thats life for us!! I'm headed to bed now, its getting a little late!

*Hey friends, keep my hometown (Hampton Roads, VA) in your thoughts--they've got a pretty nasty hurricane coming into town and there may be alot of flooding and damage* Stay safe my HR Peeps!!!*

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 frustrated!!

WARNING: This post is a bitch fest and I am PMSing.

As a military spouse, I'm often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to my husbands' command. If the "uppper management" is doing something unethical or just plain idiotic (which happens VERY frequently with this command), I have to hold my tongue because I am a direct reflection of my husband. Basically, I have to sit there and let them insult not only my husband, but all of the soldiers in the company. Todays circumstance was really ridiculous--to the point where Kevin stood up to his ghetto ass "Upper Management (UM)" and asked him why they were being held because of a lieutenants irresponsible behavior. Allow me to elaborate: This super young lieutenant brings her $600 iPad to work, leaves it unattended on her desk, it gets stolen, and she whined to the command about how her PERSONAL PROPERTY got stolen. Then, the command holds everyone at work until the iPad was found, which BTW, it wasn't. The thing that gets to me is that the commander can extend work hours, but not for something like this, so the complaint (from more than one person) got shoved to the side (due to that little "loophole"), as usual, as well as the audacity of the Lt to complain. Its not the soldiers fault that she cant be responsible and keep an eye on her stuff. Ugh. As a spouse, I want to confront the command sooooo bad, but I can't. I have to just let them treat Kevin and the company like crap. Anyway, Kevin confronted the UM, and the UM twisted his words around (this guy NEVER admits fault--he's ghetto and a piece of crap leader), and basically told Kevin he was being emotional (Kevin was PISSED) and to take the rest of the week off. So frustrating! Long story short, not one but TWO complaints were put in from 2 different people tonight. Somebody has to get this guy out of command, he is toxic. He shows no support to his NCO's, and treats the enlisted man like crap---hello, HE is supposed to be the representative for the enlisted man, and support his NCO's. He doesnt. He blames anyone and everyone else for his mistakes. Blah.
Anyway, thanks for letting me vent! This has been pent up for awhile, and I figure my blog would be the perfect place to release some steam!!
As for todays activities, I slept in this morning instead of going to spin class, because my back was really hurting after zumba last night, and I wanted to rest it. I was able to make it to zumba tonight and shake it with my girl Annie!! I'm so glad she's back on her schedule--I missed her!! Tomorrow, I will be going to kickboxing (where I will continue taking it easier) to get a great arm workout. I will also be doing upper leg exercises after class as well!!
Today wasnt all stress--I found out that one of my very favorite people in the world ever is coming to visit in November!!!! Also, I found out about a joint spouses conference happening on island in October, in which they will have some really awesome workshops (such as a photography class and a cupcake (!!!!!) class), and I will be signing up for it the minute registration opens!!
I'm off to bed to snuggle with my awesome hubster--good night yall!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm really tired and really sore from zumba class tonight, so this post will be short. Really short. I went to step class, cleaned the entire downstairs, relaxed a bit, and went to zumba tonight. She (the instructor) had like 6 new songs that she debuted last week--I missed 2 freaking classes and I come back to almost a brand new class! Ahhhh!!! Thankfully, in true Megan fashion, they were easy to follow and really fun! I'm just sore because I got all the way to the gym and realized that I didn't take any kind of pain pill for my hip, which is pretty much required to keep the inflammation at bay. Lame.
Anyway, I'm sore and heading to bed with my awesome Kevin! I will probably go to spin class in the morning if I'm feeling better, but otherwise I will be going to Zumba tomorrow night. More housework is in the cards tomorrow as well. Good night, friends!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday dreary day

As of 830am this morning, I thought the girls would be spending the day with me since their dad and stepmom had to work. Well, I got a text around 830 this morning from Kevin saying that the girls' dad was in Tennessee and the girls were with him. Wait, nobody let me know that I wouldn't be watching them today--and I had to cancel an invite to a baby shower because I thought I wouldn't be available (I'm sorry, Chantal!). I'm sad, yes, but a little miffed too because they could have texted me yesterday and told me that I wouldn't need to watch the girls. Anyway, I decided that since I was all of a sudden free today that I would sleep in--only until 930 when I forced myself out of bed!! I spent the morning on Pinterest, which is starting to become my new major addiction!! I can literally spend hours pinning neat stuff, mostly recipes! I'm thinking about doing a baking project for cupcakes, since I have pinned so many interesting and tasty recipes on cupcakes alone! (Side note: I'm still working on the blog design for the Project 365 blog, I'm just indecisive and it takes me a long time to figure out what I want it to look like. Sue me. This is probably why our house isn't very decorated, and we've been here for 10 months.......
I did accompany Kevin to get his haircut (and picked up a smoothie while in the neighborhood!), then came home and played couch potato the rest of the afternoon!
Tomorrow, it's back to my normal schedule!!! I will be doing step in the morning, and zumba in the evening!! I will miss the girls terribly, but I will be kind of relieved to be able to get all of my housework done without having to rush through it!

Before I go, I have the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week!! This week features my sweet Mia, who smiles and sticks her tongue out at the camera!!


I love my sassy girl!!

Goodnight everybody!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally, some rain!!!

Usually, I'm not excited when it rains (I hate rain--this is no secret), but today I got really excited that it's finally raining! It hasn't rained here in quite some time, and our backyard grass was dying!! I would have watered it more, but now they are billing for overages on our utilities, so I'm trying to conserve as much as possible to be in the "refund zone".
Anyway, I actually got up and made it to the 9am gym class this morning! I thought it would be step for some reason, but I was pleasantly suprised that it was Zumba! After zumba, I decided to stick around for spin class, then I was done lol. After a quick trip to the grocery store and the food court to pick up some lunch for Kevin, I headed home and proceeded to sit on my duff all day! Actually, I'm thinking about re-designing this blog, so I was looking for ideas for that. I was also fighting with Lightroom (the photo editing program) to try to import some neat presets I found and downloaded off the web. If any of you guys know how to do this, please message me/comment/something! It drove me nuts!!! Kevin is still on his long shift days, so I didnt see him much today, other than to deliver his food. He has already gone to bed (its only 8:24pm here). Poor guy-- I cant wait until he gets off this crazy shift!
Tomorrow I will have the girls (at least thats the plan), and I have no idea what we are doing! We may go down to the mall and hit up Borders' going out of business sale! I will also have the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week for you guys as well!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bloggers Block

I really wanted to post an entry every day for our first year here, but lately Kevin has been working long hours, and I've been just going to the gym and babysitting, so I've run out of things to talk about. We haven't really gotten out and toured the island lately either due to Kevin's  recovery. Maybe that's why I've been skipping days here and there. Kevin is feeling a lot better though, and once this 24 hour ops thing is over, we will be getting back out there and touring more of the island.
I just wanted to apologize to you guys for all of the mundane, lame posts lately! Hopefully I will have some interesting things to talk about tomorrow night!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hump day happenings

Today was a great day! I slept really good last night, and I kicked some major butt in kickboxing class this morning. I tried the class a few months ago, and I remember it being really exhausting and difficult to keep up with. Well, today, the class was much easier and I was able to keep up really well! I was able to do moves far beyond beginner level, and it really showed how far I've come getting in shape-wise :) I think I will start attending Wednesday morning kickboxing class more regularly now--its a great upper body workout (which I really don't get with step, unless we use weights, or zumba), and the instructor, Katie, is really energetic and you can tell she really has a passion for fitness and getting everyone involved! She also does the Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening zumba class, the Tuesday morning spin cycling class, and the Thursday morning zumba class.
Anyway, after class I came home and got ready to go to Tripler with Kevin. He had a couple of dark spots on his skin removed and sent in for biopsy. The doc says its probably nothing, but she sends them in just to make sure. Plus he had a bump on his nose removed that he hated. The appointment went fast and we were in and out of there in under an hour! Shocking, I know!! After the appointment, we spent the afternoon relaxing and waiting for the pot roast to get done cooking in the crock pot! It was delicious, by the way!
Tomorrow, its back to the old routine. I may not be watching the girls starting next week, as their dad wants to get them involved in an after school program :(
For now, I'm going to enjoy a movie with the most awesome husband in the world :)

Good night!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a crazy person.

I went to the gym not once, not twice, but THREE times today!!! I went to spin class this morning, came back for the 1145am zumba class, and was able to make it to the brand new 6pm class tonight! By the time class was over, I had run out of gas haha. I didnt do a whole lot else today, other than pick up the girls from school and head down to Pearlridge mall to get a new pair of workout shoes!
Tomorrow, Kevin is off and has an afternoon appointment at Tripler, so we will be up there for the latter part of the day. I will also be going to kickboxing class for the first time in forever as well! I have alot of energy this week, so I am taking on as many classes at the gym as I can! I feel really great lately, I'm in the best shape of my life, and I'm looking fabulous for my amazing husband! Going to the gym has turned into a great addiction, and add in the diet change, and its gotten so much easier to stay motivated :)
Anyway, thats about it for today! I will update tomorrow and let you know how Kevins little procedure goes. Good night yall!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Monday, Monday...

I had a pretty busy morning! I went to step class (where I was on point mentally and physically--rare for a Monday morning!), then Kevin stopped by the gym and I accompanied him to the military clothing store as well as the place to drop off oil samples (dont ask). When I got back home, I made some food to take to Kevin and I went to the Sprint store to resolve the problem I have been having with my phone. The lady ordered me a new phone, and I ran a bunch of updates on it, so hopefully it doesnt get stuck restarting itself before I get the new one. I picked up the girls and we spent the afternoon hanging out, they played Wii for awhile, and we watched a movie. I was a little bit miffed that their stepmom decided to go home instead of picking up the girls, I may have been able to make zumba class, Kevin had to take the girls' dad and the girls home :(
Whatever, I planned on not attending my evening classes this week anyway.
Tomorrow I will be going to spin class (for the second time in a while!), and zumba later in the morning! I dont really have any other plans, except for picking up the girls and possibly making cupcakes!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

{Another} Half day of nothing

So today was supposed to be a full day of nothing for me, aside from going to the grocery store. Well, I didn't roll out of bed until 9 and didn't get the shopping list done until around 1030, and didnt get out of the grocery store until almost 1. It was packed in there! I was going to finally relax around 2, but checked the mail and the gift cards from the Chase ultimate rewards program came in , so I went down to Walmart and picked up a new shiny Ipod Nano for Kevin! I was so excited to give it to him because he has had such a challenging last couple of days at work. He loved it!! I also stopped by Sprint because my phone is still acting up, but they told me I would have to talk to the service and repair department and they were closed on Sundays. I will be going back tomorrow to swap out my EVO. I did finally get a couple of relaxation hours before I had to cook dinner, and thats okay with me!
Tomorrow, I will be going to step class, hanging out with the girls, and maybe baking some cupcakes! I cant go to zumba tomorrow night because the guys dont get off work early enough, but oh well its only for this week! I will definitely be going to other classes to make up for it though!
For now though, we are headed to bed. Poor Kevin had to get up before 5am again this morning :(
Good night, yall!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Half a day of nothing

I originally intended to get the rest of my projects done by 10am, but Zeus kept me up all night, so I slept in a little and completed everything by 2-ish pm. I finally got to sit down and just relax for a bit before I ordered dinner and Kevin came home. He had a pretty bad day, so the evening has been spent just talking and hanging out.
The only thing that I really have to do tomorrow is go to the grocery store--thats it. The rest of the day will be spent mindlessly wandering the internet haha. Actually, I will probably take that time and work on redesigning the blog! I may put up some pictures as well :) At any rate, I am stoked to have gotten all of my projects done so that I can just do a day of nothing!
Sorry for the short post, we are pretty tired and poor Kevin has to get up before 5am tomorrow, so we are off to bed! Goodnight, yall!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabulous Friday

I have been super productive today!!! I got up and went to step class (where I kicked butt by the way!), came home and started a myriad of projects! I put together the end table we ordered with our furniture, cleaned the living room, dusted the whole house, moved the DVD's from the bookcase to the entertainment center so I could put the first coat of stain on the bookcase, sanded said bookcase, picked up the girls, brought food to Kevin, vaccuumed  the downstairs, got almost all of the laundry washed, dried, and folded/hung up, and dinner will be ready when Kevin walks in the door! This is the first I have sat down since I got back from the gym (its 6:03pm) and I am proud of myself! I want to do as little as possible this weekend, so that was my motivation :) All I have to do tomorrow is clean the bathrooms and mow the yard! I plan on getting up when Kevin does, so everything will be done by 10am--I'm determined! Then I will proceed to sit on my duff all day! I may go to the gym tomorrow morning, then do the yard, either way its not going to be a busy day at all!

Now its time for the "Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week"! This week features the newest member of the family, Zeus! He is still really young, so he sleeps alot! Here he is cuddling up with my pink snuggie on the couch!!

He is such a sweet addition to our family, and we just love him so much already!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

An "All by myself" Day

I was going to go to spin and zumba this morning, but we have a very playful-during-the-midnight-hours 6 week old kitten, so the extra hour of sleep was nice! I did make it to zumba though, where I vowed to stop sleeping in because its killing my workouts. I had a couple of hours to burn before picking up the girls, so I did some cleaning :)
I picked up the girls, but got a call from their dad as where about to leave the school saying they had an appointment this afternoon, so I dropped them off with him @the hangar. So that's why I had an all by myself day! I thought about going to 6pm zumba, but Kevin is on 12's and I hadn't seen him all day, so I stayed home and waited for him :)
Tomorrow, its step class in the morning, plus I will post the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Geez, I need to stop sleeping in!

Instead of exercising the littlest bit of discipline this morning and going to spin class, I slept. Until 11. I did wake up briefly around 845 and found out I got a call and  2 texts from Kevin saying that his stomach was hurting and that he was going to the doctor. When I didnt answer, he even went to the gym hoping I would be there. I felt so bad, because I silence my phone over night so that the binging of my email notifications wont wake us up. So naturally I didnt hear the phone!! He told me that he was already at the docs office and that he would be on his way home after to tell me what the doc said. Long story short is that he is okay, but the "plumbing" is a little backed up. He went back to work after lunch, but still felt icky, so around 130 he came home to rest. I picked up the girls, they did their homework, and now they are playing the Wii until their dad gets here. I decided to go to spin class, and Kevin graciously got up and is willing to watch the girls until their dad gets here so that I can go to class. :)
So thats the day! Tomorrow, the girls get out of school early, so we are planning a Wii afternoon! I will have them until late, so it should be fun!
I also plan on going to kickboxing :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Manic Monday

Ahh what a day! This morning, I went to step class (just the thing to wake me up!!), then had exactly enough time to come home, shower, and get ready to walk out the door and head to Tripler for my appointment. I saw a Geneticist, and he asked me a bunch of questions about my medical history, as well as the medical histories of everyone on my mom and dads side. Basically, he was gathering info to to tell us the chances of  whether or not my scoliosis or my congenital hip dysplasia would be passed on to our children. The great news is that there is only a 12% chance of me passing the hip dysplasia on and about a 37% chance of passing the scoliosis down. Kevin has already spoken with another geneticist and he has a 50% chance of passing his MEN1 down. The doc said theres a wonderful chance that we dont pass ANYTHING on, and we told him that we would feel like we would hit the lottery if that happened!!! Also, with the hip thing, because I have it, when our future baby is born, we can get him/her an ultrasound, and they can tell if the hip is properly developed or not. If it isnt, they will put the baby in a brace like contraption for a few months until it develops--basically, they can catch and cure it quickly. That will make me very happy, because I want my kids to be able to play sports and not be hindered on doing things like I was.
Anyway, the doc put in a referral to the Reproductive Endocrinologist as well, so we should be getting a call soon to continue fertility treatments. He also ordered a chromosome test, which I had to donate a little tube of blood for--no biggie.
After the doc, Kevin and I grabbed a quick lunch at Chilis, then raced over to the elementary school to pick up the girls. We had a pretty mellow evening, and I went to zumba class (the last evening one for awhile since Kevin is starting a longer shift soon). My hip is kind of sore, so tomorrow I will be going to spin class instead of zumba so I can keep it low impact :) I'm also planning on doing some housework, then clearing the front room out so the girls and I can have a Wii party when they come over!

*Ive also decided to give up Facebook for awhile--its really getting depressing lately to see someones positive pregnancy test at least once a week pop up on my feed, among other things--I'm not getting rid of my profile, just not going to be on it for awhile*

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Super Lazy Sunday

I got to sleep in today--again! It was nice too! I had planned on sitting on my duff all day and doing nothing, but Kevin wanted to have people over to grill out, so I got ready for the day and we went to the grocery store before having company. Most of the day,though, was spent with Zeus and trying to get him used to our house, and Mia and Wyatt used to him. Mia is still being a brat, but I know she will for awhile. Wyatt has started to warm up to Zeus, he is coming around him more. Wyatt is a pretty friendly cat, so he and Zeus will be friends in no time, I'm sure :)
Anyway, all in all it was a pretty relaxing day! Tomorrow I will be going to step class in the morning and zumba in the evening. It will be my last evening zumba class for awhile, as I will have to watch the girls late into the evening starting Wednesday. I will just replace my Thursday evening zumba class with Wednesday morning kickboxing instead, then go to Wednesday evening step class. I'm really sad, but the guys have to work, and the girls need a sitter. I also have an appointment with the geneticist tomorrow morning after step class. I will be asking for a referral to a Reproductive Endocrinologist for both myself and Kevin at the appointment as well! Wish us luck--yet another person I know announced pregnancy this morning and I'm pretty darn frustrated about it seeing as to they just got married less than 2 months ago....
Anyway, hopefully we will have some good news soon!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Kevin and I slept in this morning. Like, slept in slept in--we're talking 1145am sleeping in! We knew we didnt want to do much today, so for the first part of the afternoon we just relaxed. Well, on one of the facebook pages I frequent (Hawaii Military Momslist--kind of like craigslist for milspouses), a lady mentioned she needed to rehome some kittens her cat had. She said that the dad was almost certainly a maine coon cat, as he comes around alot. Well, I mentioned it to Kevin, and he said lets go get one! He wants a big kitty and the kittens resembled maine coon kittens so I dont think the lady was lying. There was only one male in the litter, and Mia does better with other male kitties vs. females, so the male one it is!! We traveled all the way over to the Tripler area of the island to pick him up!
So without further ado, I would like to introduce the newest member of our family, Zeus!!!


All tuckered out after a long day :)
He is a real sweetheart so far! He is about 5 and a half weeks old, the lady said they were born the week before 4th of July. He is really tiny right now, but if he has Maine Coon blood in him, he will probably be really big (hence the name Zeus!). How do Mia and Wyatt feel about the new addition?? Well, Mia will take some time to get warmed up and used to another cat in the house (it took her about a month or so after Wyatt joined the family), and Wyatt is just plain annoyed. He was looking at us with huge sad eyes earlier, as if to say "I thought I was the baby." Poor handsome man. He will warm up to Zeus soon though, Im sure :)
Other than welcoming a new member into our family, we have just been hanging out and enjoying each others company!
Tomorrow, we really dont have anything planned, so we will probably sleep in and help Mia and Wyatt get used to the new kitty. At some point, I do need to get some housework done though! Good night everyone!