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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fun filled Saturday

We got to sleep in this morning!!! Well, kinda. We were up by 930 because we had to go pick up our 5K packets for tomorrow, and the pickup hours were limited. After we picked up our packets, we headed over to Petco to pick up some stuff for the furkids (Kevin really thinks he is going to be able to "walk" Mia with a harness and leash--LOL, more on THAT adventure as it unfolds!), then headed down to costco to (finally) get our membership. Kevin wanted to eat lunch at Jimmy Buffetts this afternoon, so we made our way down to Waikiki for a bit as well. Even though its only 800pm here, I am headed to bed because we are getting up at 0415 tomorrow morning! Yeah, hopefully I can get some coffee in my system before the race starts!! I took some neat pictures at Jimmy Buffet's, but I'm too lazy to upload them tonight lol
I will have some pictures from tomorrows events, plus today for you guys tomorrow night! I will also have the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week!
Good night, friends! Hopefully my hip behaves tomorrow, I'm not running, but I will be power walking!

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