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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally, some rain!!!

Usually, I'm not excited when it rains (I hate rain--this is no secret), but today I got really excited that it's finally raining! It hasn't rained here in quite some time, and our backyard grass was dying!! I would have watered it more, but now they are billing for overages on our utilities, so I'm trying to conserve as much as possible to be in the "refund zone".
Anyway, I actually got up and made it to the 9am gym class this morning! I thought it would be step for some reason, but I was pleasantly suprised that it was Zumba! After zumba, I decided to stick around for spin class, then I was done lol. After a quick trip to the grocery store and the food court to pick up some lunch for Kevin, I headed home and proceeded to sit on my duff all day! Actually, I'm thinking about re-designing this blog, so I was looking for ideas for that. I was also fighting with Lightroom (the photo editing program) to try to import some neat presets I found and downloaded off the web. If any of you guys know how to do this, please message me/comment/something! It drove me nuts!!! Kevin is still on his long shift days, so I didnt see him much today, other than to deliver his food. He has already gone to bed (its only 8:24pm here). Poor guy-- I cant wait until he gets off this crazy shift!
Tomorrow I will have the girls (at least thats the plan), and I have no idea what we are doing! We may go down to the mall and hit up Borders' going out of business sale! I will also have the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week for you guys as well!

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