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Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Monday, Monday...

I had a pretty busy morning! I went to step class (where I was on point mentally and physically--rare for a Monday morning!), then Kevin stopped by the gym and I accompanied him to the military clothing store as well as the place to drop off oil samples (dont ask). When I got back home, I made some food to take to Kevin and I went to the Sprint store to resolve the problem I have been having with my phone. The lady ordered me a new phone, and I ran a bunch of updates on it, so hopefully it doesnt get stuck restarting itself before I get the new one. I picked up the girls and we spent the afternoon hanging out, they played Wii for awhile, and we watched a movie. I was a little bit miffed that their stepmom decided to go home instead of picking up the girls, I may have been able to make zumba class, Kevin had to take the girls' dad and the girls home :(
Whatever, I planned on not attending my evening classes this week anyway.
Tomorrow I will be going to spin class (for the second time in a while!), and zumba later in the morning! I dont really have any other plans, except for picking up the girls and possibly making cupcakes!

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