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Sunday, August 14, 2011

{Another} Half day of nothing

So today was supposed to be a full day of nothing for me, aside from going to the grocery store. Well, I didn't roll out of bed until 9 and didn't get the shopping list done until around 1030, and didnt get out of the grocery store until almost 1. It was packed in there! I was going to finally relax around 2, but checked the mail and the gift cards from the Chase ultimate rewards program came in , so I went down to Walmart and picked up a new shiny Ipod Nano for Kevin! I was so excited to give it to him because he has had such a challenging last couple of days at work. He loved it!! I also stopped by Sprint because my phone is still acting up, but they told me I would have to talk to the service and repair department and they were closed on Sundays. I will be going back tomorrow to swap out my EVO. I did finally get a couple of relaxation hours before I had to cook dinner, and thats okay with me!
Tomorrow, I will be going to step class, hanging out with the girls, and maybe baking some cupcakes! I cant go to zumba tomorrow night because the guys dont get off work early enough, but oh well its only for this week! I will definitely be going to other classes to make up for it though!
For now though, we are headed to bed. Poor Kevin had to get up before 5am again this morning :(
Good night, yall!!

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