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Monday, August 8, 2011

Manic Monday

Ahh what a day! This morning, I went to step class (just the thing to wake me up!!), then had exactly enough time to come home, shower, and get ready to walk out the door and head to Tripler for my appointment. I saw a Geneticist, and he asked me a bunch of questions about my medical history, as well as the medical histories of everyone on my mom and dads side. Basically, he was gathering info to to tell us the chances of  whether or not my scoliosis or my congenital hip dysplasia would be passed on to our children. The great news is that there is only a 12% chance of me passing the hip dysplasia on and about a 37% chance of passing the scoliosis down. Kevin has already spoken with another geneticist and he has a 50% chance of passing his MEN1 down. The doc said theres a wonderful chance that we dont pass ANYTHING on, and we told him that we would feel like we would hit the lottery if that happened!!! Also, with the hip thing, because I have it, when our future baby is born, we can get him/her an ultrasound, and they can tell if the hip is properly developed or not. If it isnt, they will put the baby in a brace like contraption for a few months until it develops--basically, they can catch and cure it quickly. That will make me very happy, because I want my kids to be able to play sports and not be hindered on doing things like I was.
Anyway, the doc put in a referral to the Reproductive Endocrinologist as well, so we should be getting a call soon to continue fertility treatments. He also ordered a chromosome test, which I had to donate a little tube of blood for--no biggie.
After the doc, Kevin and I grabbed a quick lunch at Chilis, then raced over to the elementary school to pick up the girls. We had a pretty mellow evening, and I went to zumba class (the last evening one for awhile since Kevin is starting a longer shift soon). My hip is kind of sore, so tomorrow I will be going to spin class instead of zumba so I can keep it low impact :) I'm also planning on doing some housework, then clearing the front room out so the girls and I can have a Wii party when they come over!

*Ive also decided to give up Facebook for awhile--its really getting depressing lately to see someones positive pregnancy test at least once a week pop up on my feed, among other things--I'm not getting rid of my profile, just not going to be on it for awhile*

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