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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Geez, I need to stop sleeping in!

Instead of exercising the littlest bit of discipline this morning and going to spin class, I slept. Until 11. I did wake up briefly around 845 and found out I got a call and  2 texts from Kevin saying that his stomach was hurting and that he was going to the doctor. When I didnt answer, he even went to the gym hoping I would be there. I felt so bad, because I silence my phone over night so that the binging of my email notifications wont wake us up. So naturally I didnt hear the phone!! He told me that he was already at the docs office and that he would be on his way home after to tell me what the doc said. Long story short is that he is okay, but the "plumbing" is a little backed up. He went back to work after lunch, but still felt icky, so around 130 he came home to rest. I picked up the girls, they did their homework, and now they are playing the Wii until their dad gets here. I decided to go to spin class, and Kevin graciously got up and is willing to watch the girls until their dad gets here so that I can go to class. :)
So thats the day! Tomorrow, the girls get out of school early, so we are planning a Wii afternoon! I will have them until late, so it should be fun!
I also plan on going to kickboxing :)

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