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Thursday, August 11, 2011

An "All by myself" Day

I was going to go to spin and zumba this morning, but we have a very playful-during-the-midnight-hours 6 week old kitten, so the extra hour of sleep was nice! I did make it to zumba though, where I vowed to stop sleeping in because its killing my workouts. I had a couple of hours to burn before picking up the girls, so I did some cleaning :)
I picked up the girls, but got a call from their dad as where about to leave the school saying they had an appointment this afternoon, so I dropped them off with him @the hangar. So that's why I had an all by myself day! I thought about going to 6pm zumba, but Kevin is on 12's and I hadn't seen him all day, so I stayed home and waited for him :)
Tomorrow, its step class in the morning, plus I will post the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week!
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