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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dumb Blogger--

--The reason for not blogging the last couple of nights.
For some reason, I couldn't access my blogger dashboard, so I have been unable to blog (sad face). The last 2 days havent really been that eventful, just a meeting with the Chaplain about "UM", who was spoken to about the whole fiasco on Tuesday. Of course, "UM" threw the commander under the bus instead of admitting his own role in the wrong decision (he does this OFTEN). I know that doesnt make alot of sense, but I really cant use names and titles to protect Kevin. Anyway, the "UM" has been ordered to not retaliate for Kevin reporting this incident, and if he does, the chaplain will be notified and "UM" will be in more trouble than he thinks. Kevin is thinking about requesting a transfer either out of here or out of the unit.
Anyway-- other than that, the last couple of days have been pretty routine! I've kept up with my gym schedule (go me.) and Kevin and I have registered for a 5K on Sunday!! Of course I cant run it, but Kevin is going to be walking it with me!! That and.......................................... we are getting some very special guests the first week of October!!! The other day, I stated that these folks would be here in November, but its more cost efficient for them to fly in October, and Kevin and I are STOKED!! I've got to step up my workouts so that I can reach my goals by October. I dont think it will be too hard, but its a great goal to work towards!!
Tomorrow, I will be resting up for the race on Sunday, and we are going to go pick up our race packets! This is the first 5K I have ever done (you know, because of the bum hip and all), so I am really excited! I feel like I am in good enough shape to really power walk the whole 3 and a half miles, and I will be really excited to finish it! I do wish I could run sometimes, I think I would really love it. We may stop by the pet store for some stuff for the "kids". Speaking of kids, Zeus is getting really big! He will be 8 weeks on Sunday, and he is growing fast! I will have some pictures to share on Sunday showing his growth so far! We think he is going to be really big!
Ahh so thats life for us!! I'm headed to bed now, its getting a little late!

*Hey friends, keep my hometown (Hampton Roads, VA) in your thoughts--they've got a pretty nasty hurricane coming into town and there may be alot of flooding and damage* Stay safe my HR Peeps!!!*

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