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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kind of productive day, plus the "Cyoot Kitteh picture of the week!"

Aloha everyone!! Today was pretty productive for me! I got up and dragged myself went to spin class this morning. This was a much better class than last Tuesday! I got an amazing workout and I didnt feel faint or dizzy at all!! Immediately after spin class, I went down to 4 Wheel Parts in Waipahu to order what Kevin wanted for his birthday--a skid plate for Betty Jeep. I would have ordered it for him yesterday, but he couldnt make up his mind on what he wanted! Once that was ordered, I headed home to get some stuff done on my weekly list. I was kind of expecting to see my Kindle waiting for me on our back porch thinking that maybe, just maybe, it would have gotten here a day early. No luck :(
Instead, there were 3 dirty bathrooms waiting for me haha. I got all 3 completely cleaned, got the kitchen cleaned, and the garbage taken out. After Kevin left to go back to work, I scooted over to the commissary to pick up some necessities. After that, I came home and cooked dinner! So it was a pretty productive day for me, although its not as productive as I wanted. Tomorrow sees me cleaning and vaccuuming the floors, washing S.S.Sebring, putting winter clothes away in boxes, and possibly giving Mia and Wyatt a bath!
Speaking of the kitties, check out the "Cyoot Kitteh" (LOL cats if youre not familiar) picture of the week! This week features Wyatt-- my sweet, cuddly ham!

You see, Wyatt just loves to lay on remotes. Everytime he jumps on the bed or on the couch, he makes a beeline for any and all remotes, and proceeds to lay down on top of them. Our T.V. remote is almost completely hidden under his head because he lays directly on them. He has changed the channel on more that one occasion!! We like to joke that he just wants to watch what he wants to watch, and if the channel doesnt get changed, he likes whats on and doesnt want us to change it haha. He cracks me up on a daily basis! I love my little ham-bino!
Anyways, off to bed! Im super stoked about the arrival of my kindle tomorrow, and I cant wait to download some books! Goodnight yall!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kevins birthday, plus a suprise early Christmas gift!!

Hey folks!! First I would like to send a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my love, my best friend, my Mr. Fix anything thats automotive or electronic, my Kevin!!!!

My love and his other "Wife" hehe
I love you baby and look forward to spending many more birthdays with you :)
Today I got up and went to step class (yay me!), plus we spent the majority of the morning and most of Kevins lunch in the DMV...yes we waited in like for an hour and a half at the DMV. There were only like 3 people working and one was new, so she spent almost an hour with one couple. Yeah, we were annoyed, and this wasnt how we wanted to spend Kevins birthday, but whatevs it had to be done. (eyeroll) Anyway, after the DMV we went to the place on post where you get your base stickers. That was another like 40 minutes. Poor Kevin. I was hoping he would enjoy his birthday a little better, but he was happy not to be at work! After the stickers and what not, he went back to work, and I went to work on the house! I got a few things done, and made sure dinner was done for Kevin when he got home.
In between cooking and housework, I was looking around for some new downloads for my early Christmas present Kevin suprised me with letting me get this morning!!! Im getting it early because we are afraid that the price will go up closer to Christmas. (You know youve got an amazing husband when he lets you buy a gift you want and its his birthday) Wanna know what it is????? Its something Ive had my eye on for awhile....and Im really excited about it!! Kevin told me to go ahead and order it today (Cyber Monday) just in case the price goes up. Its..................

...the new amazon Kindle!!!! This baby stores 3,500 books!!! It doesnt put off a glare in the sunlight ( Im taking it to the beach!!) The battery life lasts a month too! Ive already got a whole list of books I want to download once I receive it on Wednesday :) With all of our upcoming appointments at Tripler, this will be really cool to have on hand!! I was super stoked when he told me I could order it now vs. later....Thank you sooooooo much baby!!! I told him he didnt have to get me anything else :)

Tomorrow Im going to spin class, then heading down to 4 wheel parts to order Kevins birthday gift. He has a list of things he wants for his Betty Jeep, so Im ordering a skid plate for him!! Hopefully it wont take as long as the last parts we ordered from them. A month for 2 itty bitty under a pound each parts. Grrrr.... Anyway, after that I plan on picking up a few things from the grocery store then heading back home to work on the picture editing I didnt get to do today thanks to the slow moving people at the DMV. For now, Im going to spend the rest of the evening with my favorite birthday man since hes back in from working on Betty Jeep. Goodnight yall!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Groovin'....on a Sunday afternoon...

This is probably the most relaxing Sunday we have had in awhile. We rolled out of bed at 10am, sat around for awhile, then did a little shopping. I even got some shave ice this afternoon! We took our time doing everything today and it was really nice. We capped off the afternoon by ordering pizza, because Kevin knew I didnt really want to cook. I love my awesome husband :) This evening will be spent relaxing some more and watching tv (right now Scary Movie is on...I freaking love that movie). Tomorrow Im going to step class, then clearing out one of the upstairs guest rooms. Ideally I want to get all of our picture frames hung up, but there are still some photos I have been procrastinating on need to edit and get processed first! Im hoping to do some editing tomorrow as well :)
Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Hello folks! This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 7am. Why? To finally watch a full Ohio State game! The game started at 7am Hawaii time. It was a great game, Ohio State whooped up on their hated rivals Michigan! Also, while watching the game, I managed to bake a batch of cupcakes...yummy! *Side note*Pillsbury has sugar free yellow cake mix, which means fewer calories and fat because it contains splenda and not sugar, so I used that, and it was delicious!
Kevin joined me for the game at around 915, but after eating breakfast he went back upstairs and proceeded to sleep until the crack of noon! He has been pretty exhausted lately and has had alot of very early days, so that extra sleep was good for him :) When he got up again, I got ready and headed over to the PX to pick up Christmas cards. Since this is our first Christmas out here, I picked up Hawaiian themed cards. The only bummer is that those were the biggest ones I found and our Christmas pictures we ordered through Shutterfly were still too long to fit. That just means we have to buy double postage blah. No worries though! I will be starting the addressing of these bad boys tomorrow! Other than that, this Saturday was really uneventful. Unless you count the massive amount of laundry Im *still* in the process of doing. I mean, how in the world do 2 people accumulate so much laundry in one week?!? It could be due to the fact Kevin wears at least 3 outfits per day--ACU's/Flight uniforms (well if hes in the shop, he only wears one set for the week and just changes out undershirts) , PT's, and whatever he puts on when he gets home. Sometimes its 4 if he decides to work in the garage and then we go out somewhere later. Add that to the outfits I wear each day (gym and regular), plus towels, socks, etc. Oy that adds up!! In the grand scheme of things it isnt so bad, especially when I think back to the days my mom was a milspouse! She had all of our laundry, plus dad's BDU's and PT's. Add in the fact that back then, BDU's had to be ironed after each washing, that made for a tedious day... Sometimes she was let off the hook with that though--my dad used to pay me like 10 bucks a set to iron his BDU's-- that was good money back in 1994 for a 13/14 year old!! Im thankful that the ACU uniform doesnt have to be ironed... but darn that freaking velcro--sticks to everything else in the washer (insert massive eye roll here).
So laundry for me this evening, then watching a little tv before heading to bed. Tomorrow I really dont know what we are doing...I hope it involves Shave Ice!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Black Friday is crazy. Last night before Kevin and I even went to bed, I was looking at facebook statuses of my friends on the east coast, and even one in Texas, and they had either been to at least one store already, or were on their way out. My friend in TX was the one that had already been to one store and was waiting for another one to open....crazy!!! I might mention that this was before 10pm our time. Kevin and I really dont like spending an hour looking for parking at 2am so Black Friday doorbusters arent for us!! Today we got up at 9am and headed over to the pharmacy for me, then headed down to the DMV to continue the registration process for Betty Jeep. Well, I looked online the other day and it said the DMV was only closed on Thanksgiving DAY. Imagine our frustration when we got there and the DMV was closed......because of Furlough Friday. Something told me they would have a Furlough Friday the same day it just so happens to be Black Friday. Pfft.... anyway, we decided to go to Lowes to get a couple of things around 11am. We knew the parking lot would be packed because of the outlet mall across the street, but we didnt have a hard time finding a spot. Once we got our stuff, I decided to go over to the washer/dryer section just to see if they had any Black Friday deals on pedestals. Not only did they have a special, they had a special on Whirlpool ones! Keep in mind these pedestals are $250 a piece regularly. They were on sale for....are you ready?..... 99 BUCKS a peice!!!! So with our military discount, we walked out of Lowes with 2  brand new pedestals for our washer and dryer, plus the stuff we originally went in for, for a whopping $212 (with tax)!!!! We paid 60 bucks less for two of them than we would have for one if they hadnt been on sale. We are beyond elated and they are now installed underneath the washer and dryer. Im excited because I dont have to bend down so far to get the clothes out! Anyway, that was our Black Friday bargain :)
Normally I dont go near any stores on Black Friday, mostly because I cant stand the pushing and shoving and general rudeness of some people. Most sales continue on during the weekend anyhow, so I may venture out on Sunday.
After our Lowes bargain of the century (lol) we headed down Ace Hardware to find some stuff Kevin needed for the air compressor in Betty Jeep. I also found a new color of stain that I want to try on the desk. Its ever so slightly lighter than the one I used on the mini project a few weeks ago, with different tones. Im excited to see how it looks! Hopefully I will have some time next week to continue working on the desk project. Doctor appointments among other things have put it on the back burner :(
Tomorrow Kevin and I are getting up at 6:30am to watch only the most important college football game of the year: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Michigan Wolverines. These 2 teams are very hated rivals, so its definitely the most exciting game of the year to watch. I married into Buckeye Nation, so Ive really gotten into cheering them on... Go Bucks!! After the game I have no idea what we are doing. Maybe I can head up to the North Shore and get some shave ice Ive been craving for the last 4 days :) For now Im headed to bed (Im wiped out!)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving yall!!

What a great Thanksgiving we had today! We both slept in, and relaxed all day. Kevin played his video game and worked on Betty Jeep for the majority of the day, while I carefully kept an eye on our delicious Thanksgiving meal. The turkey cooked just about 5 hours, and was DELICIOUS! Probably the best turkey I have ever made!
Heres what our gobbler looked like right before I stuck him in the oven:

Dont be fooled by this little picture.... he was 19 lbs!!

And this is the turkey fully cooked and ready to eat!
The meat was juicy and perfectly cooked! Because it was just Kevin and I this year, we had mashed potatoes and a vegetable with our turkey. Nothing big, nothing fancy. I wanted to bake a pie or something but by the time dinner was done, I really didnt feel like being in the kitchen any longer haha. I will be baking either cupcakes or Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies tomorrow though!!
I really hope all of you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with laughter and love! I know that everyone has probably done this, but Im going to list some things Im thankful for :)

1. Kevin- he is the best husband I could ever ask for, he busts his butt to make sure Im happy, and never complains about it. He is my best friend and nothing short of amazing. Im beyond blessed to be his wife. Hes also my personal hero :)
2. My family and friends- along with Kevin, these folks make sure I stay sane! Theyre always there for me when I need them and I couldnt have picked a better bunch to call my family :)
3. Our house- During these hard economic times, there are people who dont have houses to come home to. Im thankful and blessed that I have a place to hang my hat every night (and its a nice one too I might add!)
4. Getting to live in Hawaii- yeah there are parts I dont like, but getting the priveledge to live in the honeymoon capital of the world is pretty cool in the grand scheme of things. The weather is nice, its got great scenery, and Im thrilled to be able to go to the beach in December
5. Our "Fur Children"- I love having Mia and Wyatt in our family. They are well behaved (for the most part!), and I just love their personalities! I couldnt have asked for more awesome cats than those two :)

Those are just a few things Im thankful for! Hopefully this time next year, we can add a son or daughter to that list...wish us luck!!

Ahhh, the turkey has settled in, so I think Im going to head upstairs, take a shower, and cuddle in bed with Kevin and and the kitties...good night yall!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another early day

It was another early day...for both of us. I finally met my orthopedic doctor that I will see on a regular basis for my busted old hip. He told me pretty much what every other doctor has told me since I was 18--that I have osteo arthritis and I will eventually need a total joint replacement. This guy, however, pushed the date back as far as 10 years, which Im darn happy about!!! He advised me to continue doing spin class (yay!) , and to start swimming more. Okay no problem, so far its good. Until.....he told me that I shouldnt be doing step class. "Exsqueeze me?? Baking powder?? I thought you just told me I shouldnt do step class, which Ive been faithfully doing for the last 2 years, and is VERY low impact." I proceeded to look at him like he just asked me to get rid of Mia. Wow Dr. Colonel, thats hitting below the belt (no pun intended). After explaining to him that I went from doing advanced step 5 times a week to only doing it once a week here, he then told me to take it easy and avoid major hopping, impact on joints, etc. "No problem Doc/Sir!" Im glad Colonel Doctor was able to see it my way :) Pshhhh, stop doing step.... its actually one of the few things that doesnt bother my hip. Anyway, Colonel Doctor ended up being pretty cool, and even knows the doctor that did my last hip surgery 16 years ago! I was impressed, and he said Im making him feel old! That wasnt my intention, especially since he looked way too young to be a Colonel anyway (and he's full bird at that!!). So that was my little hospital adventure!
I made it home in record time, and was able to go with Kevin to get that pesky Reconstruction permit thingy done on Betty Jeep. Im proud to announce that she passed!!! We also got her state inspection done, and the only things left to do now are go to the DMV to get her registered, get the inspection sticker affixed to her bumper, and get some base stickers...yay!!! After that was done, Kevin went back to work and I spent most of the afternoon with a heating pad on my belly (yeah the crazy lady who shows up every month reared her unwelcome, ugly head this morning and its been awful! We are mad she showed up in the first place, I might add). Oh and conveniently, both shoppettes we went to today were out of midol....awesome. Blah, I just spent the day working on my new blog design. Ive figured out the program, now Ive just got to add the elements!
Kevin had to work late today for BS reasons. 1SG Ghetto decided at FIVE o'clock that he wanted all of his NCO's to stay behind and mow the grass. WHAT?!?!? First of all, dude, its the day before a major holiday (a family one at that), and these guys are a support group for 3 other companies who all left before noon today, therefore they werent really supporting anything. So why wait until the END of the workday to request this mumbo jumbo, instead of like 3pm?!? I am trying so very hard not to degrade this "Leader" but he is really plucking my nerves (and Kevins). Hes the kind of 1SG that says, "Formation at 1600", and doesnt show up himself until quarter to 5 (this also happened today, among other days). He got his today though. Another wife came into the hangar at 6pm to see what was going on, and 1SG was like, "maam I need to speak to your husband." She said, "Only if I can speak  to YOU after!" She was nothing short of angry. Im pretty sure she let him have a piece of her mind, you know being that he claims to be a "family" man who wants his guys to get as much time with their families as possible. I know that Kevin and I didnt really have anything going on, but there are soldiers that may live on the west coast of the mainland that may have been hopping a flight to spend thanksgiving weekend with their families that just missed their flights because of this "family" man.
 I felt bad for them....but that wife is my new hero :)
Ahhh sorry for the vent, its just getting to us. Oh, and these guys have to DEPLOY with this 1SG. Im getting worried about that.
Blah, thats enough of my whining for one night/week/month! Before I go, I want to share this great picture I took today! This was taken this morning as we were leaving to go to the Recon place:

This rainbow was so vibrant, I just had to snap a picture :)
Tomorrow of course is Thanksgiving, so I will be cooking "Hugh", our 18 pound gobbler, with some homemade mashed potatoes, vegetables, and baking some cookies. Its just Kevin and I this year, so we arent going all out! The rest of the day will be spent just hanging out and relaxing with one another--just one of the many things Im thankful for :)
Goodnight yall!! Hope everyone has a great Turkey day!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dizzy Tuesday

I started my day by going to spin class. It was going great til I suddenly became VERY lightheaded and dizzy. I thought maybe I was overexerting myself so I slowed down a bit. It worked for all of 3 minutes before I got insanely nauseous. I'll spare you the details, but I've never gotten sick like that from working out. This happened 15 minutes in...15 minutes! I did finish the class, but I half-assed it (pardon my French). Anyway, I've been lightheaded and dizzy all day.
I did manage to make it to the commissary though. My genius self decided,however, to leave my house at 1115. It took over a half hour to get there. Why? Well, the soldiers of Wheeler and Schofield punch the time clock for lunch at around 1130, so the line to get across the street onto schofield was backed up....far. I finally get across the street and......darn traffic is backed up a half a mile from the commissary no lie. Ugh. If I didn't need certain groceries I would have totally turned around and gone back home! I finally make it to my grocery destination and got a sweet parking spot--worth the traffic :) in all honesty, I brought it upon myself, knowing army lunchtime was
Looming. I'm sure my fellow milspouses would agree. Not only that, but my dumb self didn't look at the time before I left the store, and proceeded to finish my grocery adventure at 20 til one. That's when our dear soldiers board their cars and go back to work. So I proceeded to sit in 35 more minutes of traffic just to get back across the street *sigh* you'd think I know this by now. Whatever I blame the lightheadedness hehe
After the grocery adventure I came home and proceeded to curl up on the couch until Kevin came home. He got off work early today yay! I love extra time with him :)
Tomorrow is another extremely early day, as I have a doctor appointment at 745am @ Tripler. Goodnight yall!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Early Day

My day started at 0450 when Kevins phone rang me out of a pretty decent sleep. Poor Kevin had to get up and drop something off at the hangar when the phone rang. This morning was intended to be early anyway because Kevin had an appointment at Tripler at 8am and I wanted to go with him. The traffic was lame--as usual-- but when we got to Tripler, we got a pretty sweet parking spot! Like near the front entrance good :) It was a clear morning up there (Tripler is at the top of a mini mountain) which is unusual! So I snapped a nice picture of the city! Theyre not the best quality, as they were taken from my phone, but the view is still nice!

The mountains off to the West

 A couple of weeks ago, we had to go up to Tripler for a nighttime appointment, and I took a picture of the same cityscape. Again its from my phone so its not the best quality

This was taken from almost the exact spot as the daytime pictures
It looks way cooler in person, I promise! Anyway, after the appointment (which lasted 2 and a half hours, by the way) Kevin headed to work and I headed to the post office to drop off some stuff. Oh, I got our second Shutterfly package today, so Im almost ready to send out Christmas cards!!!
Tomorrow Im going to spin class (I promise!!!), maybe doing some grocery shopping, and cleaning the bathrooms--yay for me.
I also made a new blog button--feel free to grab one!!!
G'Night yall!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pro Surfing!

Today Kevin and I went up to the North Shore to check out the last day of the first event of the Vans Triple Crown of surfing. We got a pretty decent parking spot and a front row seat on the beach! We had a wonderful time watching the surfers (and the sea turtles floating near the shore!). We only stayed for a couple of hours but I got a few cool pictures!! The surfers were a ways out, but you can see them better if you click on the image!

This is my favorite on it to make it bigger!

Can you spot the surfer dude??

we were right next door to the announcer tent!
After watching the surfers today, we headed down to Cholo's for lunch, followed by a cup of delicious shave ice (with ice cream at the bottom--yummmm ) After we left the North Shore we stopped by the PX for a couple of things, then headed home for an evening of relaxation and spaghetti. We are going to watch our Sunday night addiction shows on Fox, then its sleep time as we both are getting up at quarter to 5 tomorrow morning to head down to Tripler for an appointment. I think Starbucks will be on our route :P Goodnight everyone!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nice day out today!!

I woke up to Kevin telling me he was taking the car over to the auto parts store to get some stuff for Betty Jeep. His plans today involved putting an insanely heavy skid plate on it and working on the engine some. Thank goodness he had a guy friend to help him!! I spent my day re-doing this blog and getting laundry done. Hope you guys like the new design!! Im not sure if Im going to keep it permanently though, as there are a ton of other designs I like also. All in all, today was fairly uneventful, and I liked it :) The weather was darn near perfect as well!! Heres hoping tomorrow will be just as nice!
Oh, and one of my Shutterfly packages came today (theyre soooo cuuute!), so by mid week next week, I should have the Christmas cards and inserts put together and ready to mail out. I love Shutterfly. Im thinking about ordering a custom calendar from them for next year!
Tomorrow Kevin and I are planning to head up to the North Shore and watch some pro surfing so be on the look out for some pictures! Should be a fun time :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


Today I had a couple of Dr appts I had to go to. I won't get into too many details, but the doctors are going to run a bunch of tests and we will go from there. No mom, it isn't anything serious :) after the first appointment I had lunch with Kevin and then went to get some xrays done on the hip for next weeks appointment with the orthopedic. After that I dropped by the PX to pick up some birthday cards and gifts for the remaining family and friends celebrating this month.
This evening has been pretty uneventful, and tomorrow will consist of housework housework and more housework. I don't want to have to do anything on Sunday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My first spouses club meeting

Today I attended the Spouses club luncheon on Schofield. I was a little nervous because I really didnt know anybody, but the girls there were great!! It was great conversation, and I even met one of the wives whos blog I follow daily ( you can find her awesome blog HERE). She also answered alot of my dumb questions when we were preparing for our move out here to Hawaii (thanks girl!!)! I really had a wonderful time :) The guest for todays luncheon was a guy who had won multiple championships in ballroom dancing. He even had a few of us go up there and learn some dances. Y'all know I went up there, I have no shame!! It was really fun! We did the Rumba, the cha cha, the samba, and even did some disco dancin' (hello BeeGees!!) He gave a lesson on the history of dance from the 1920's up. It was a fun fun time and Im excited about next months luncheon! Afterwards I ended up chatting with one of the other wives for like an hour. I feel kinda bad because Im such motor mouth! I felt like I kept her, even though she says shes a talker too :)
During the luncheon, Kevin texted me and told me that word around the hanger water cooler was that a storm was rolling in and it was supposed to be here by 4, so he wanted to make sure that I would be home by then. Aww he's such a sweet husband :) The storm hasnt been anything really as of right now, but we will see what happens! Bummer, because I totally could have gone to the grocery store and picked up the few things that I always manage to forget during the big trip. Blah, I will just go tomorrow...
Speaking of tomorrow, I have a fun and exciting womans doctor appointment (that was meant very sarcastically, by the way) and Ive gotta get some xrays done of my hip in prep for next weeks appointment for that. *sigh* at least I dont have to drive to Tripler tomorrow, its all across the street :) Im going to head to bed early tonight and get some extra cuddle time in with Kevin, so I decided to post a little early today...see you guys tomorrow!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 different trips to Honolulu.

Forgive me if I sound a little frustrated in this post. Im hormonal, and the reconstruction permit place for the state of Hawaii is one big fat joke...on a stick. Not a good combo. Let me back up a bit and explain why we even had to deal with these people anyway. Kevins beloved Betty Jeep is lifted and modified with all sorts of cool gadgets and suspension and beefy stuff that helps her rock climb better. Because of this, Kevin was told once we arrived on island and picked Betty Jeep up that he would need to get whats called a reconstruction permit that allows him to operate Betty Jeep on island. I dont really get the purpose, but whatever its their rules. Well, in order to even get a regular state inspection here in Hawaii (which is required, even for S.S.Sebring, my car), he has to get that recon permit. No problem, we call the place up to make an appointment in September, they tell us the earliest Kevin can get Betty inspected for this permit was TODAY. Yeah, over 2 months. Okay fine. He asks what needs to be done to prepare, and they tell him that he needs to get a fresh alignment for Betty before she comes in. Kevin explained to the alignment people that the jeep was needing to pass the recon inspection, and they said no problem. Kevin spent 170 bucks just for the realignment. Flash forward to this morning, where we battled over an hour of traffic just to get 10 miles down the road. We get to this place, and the guy looks over the jeep for 5 minutes and told him that not only did he need a third brake light, but the alignment wasnt done the way they wanted it done!!!! Exqueeze me? Baking powder? We called Firestone and they said they did the alignment as close to specs as they could based on the lift. Ugh, so needless to say, Kevin was pretty livid by this point, so we drove over to 4 wheel parts to get some advice and see if they had a brake light. They didnt but the guy told us to go to another alignment place, seeing as how Kevin would now need to get a special kit installed to meet specifications for the permit. Well we went over to that place and the guy there said he could get it done today, so we drove back home to get my car, just to drive back to Pearl City (right next to Honolulu) to drop Betty Jeep off. There was more traffic BTW. After dropping the jeep off, we drove back home so Kevin could get into work. We werent home 10 minutes when the guy called and said Betty Jeep was all done. So we drove back out to Pearl City to pick up the jeep, then finally drove back home. This was all done by 1230. Man I was beat. Oh and the "best" part is that we dropped another 170 bucks for the new alignment kit and still didnt get the reconstruction permit. We are really stressed out because Kevins pass and his current registration expire at the end of this month. Plus it really grinds my gears when time is wasted. I think we may be a one car family for a bit *sigh*.
So that was my day. I came home and reeeeeeee laxed after the recon/Honolulu-Home tennis ball journey. When Kevin got home from work, we went to an FRG thing with Kevins company. They had a Thanksgiving potluck for the single soldiers, and it was great! I got some great info, and am excited about attending my first FRG meeting in December!!
Tomorrow Im going to my very first spouses club luncheon ever! Im really excited to meet some new people :) More tomorrow yall! Sorry for the whole hormonal rant, but excuse my French, those people really just pissed me off! Put both Kevin and myself in a foul mood, and thats just not acceptable.
Ahhhh, I feel better now, goodnight!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello Tuesday

I had a great day planned. Had. I was going to get up around 7, go to spin class, then hit up the commissary for a little fun time grocery shopping, then come home and work on my desk. Well, I made it to the commissary at least :) I thought my alarm was set to 7am, but it was set to 8. Well, I have to leave my house by 8 to make it to the gym by 830. Yes, it takes upwards of a half an hour to get across the street. Dang work call >:( So anyways, I knew I wouldnt make it to spin on time, so I cuddled with Wyatt for a bit longer then got up and got ready for the day. I made a shopping list, grabbed my shopping bags, and headed out to the grocery store. It was a stress free trip to the commissary! And this, on the day after payday! Stress free, but how?? Well, I have devised a way to block out any outside annoying noise while listening to that little pink device that holds 400 of my very favorite songs! I brought my ipod and jammed out while perusing the aisles. I was happy as a clam :) Plus I was in and out in about an hour (this is good for me haha). The only downside to that trip is that the lightest turkey I found was 18lbs! Thats alot of turkey for 2 people, so Im hoping that we are able to have some company for Gobble Gobble day :) Im still on the lookout for new designs for this blog, and so far Im having little luck. Ive decided that I will try my hand at designing my own page, so it may be awhile before the new look is up!! Ive got some ideas though :)
Tomorrow, we have an appointment to (finally) get Betty Jeep her recon sticker and inspection/registration process done. This little adventure starts at 0600, when Kevin comes back from PT. Hello Starbucks!! So its off to bed I go, but before I close out this post, I want to show you guys the cute picture of the day! Everytime I get home from grocery shopping, the cats just have to play in the reusable bags. This is what I saw today:

This is my adorable 5 year old, Mia....isnt she cute??

PS-I hope youre feeling better Mom!!! I love you :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


Thats how I felt after step class today. I did make it all the way through step, but I think I didnt eat enough before class, so I went home with a headache. It upgraded itself to a migraine shortly after I got home, so the only thing I got done today was laundry. I had planned to go to the grocery store and put a coat of stain on the desk, but I suppose that will have to wait til tomorrow! Im headed to bed early tonight, so that I can be fully refreshed for spin class tomorrow morning :) Goodnight everyone!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Decorating for Christmas!

Yeah, we are decorating early early this year. Well, just the tree for now! We fixed up the tree so we could take some pictures for our custom Christmas card inserts. The tree looks great and I will be placing the order tomorrow morning!! A couple of pictures from our tree adventure...

From this......

To this!!!
Kevin and I are really happy with the way it came out! Oh, and I was convinced the cats would just bombard the tree, but they didnt! After dinner, Kevin walked in the front room and we saw this:

Aww, look at the cute little gifts under the tree! It just made my heart melt!! Im sure they will "explore" the tree as soon as I leave the house tomorrow morning for step class though. Crossing my fingers that the tree will look the same as when I left it haha.
Well, that was our highlight of the day! Tomorrow its back to work for Kevin, and step class, cleaning, and refinishing the desk for me! Goodnight yall!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Saturday Evening Post

Insomnia sucks. I tried everything to go to sleep last night, but I didn't actually fall asleep until 430am this morning. I was upset because I had some errands today and I wanted to get them done early so I could work on the desk. Instead I didn't get on the road til 11. Oh well, I just decided to run out and get some more Christmas decorations :) between stores, I picked up Kevin and he went shopping with me til Betty Jeep got her alignment done. Then it was back home to cook dinner and let Kevin sleep a bit before he went to work tonight.
Speaking of him working, he gets there and the other NCO that was supposed to he on duty with him tonight didn' Say whaaaat?! So they get hold of this guy and he says he's in WAIKIKI DRINKING. This mother trucker said he *didnt know* he was supposed to have duty tonight even though the memo came out awhile ago. Kevin knew. I'm sorry but I call BS on that! So now poor Kevin has to patrol by himself. Sorry it makes me mad when people just don't show up for work. Vent over :)
Tomorrow we are putting up our tree, taking pictures for our Shutterfly cards, and putting the order in so we have time to send them out to the family and friends. Kevin will probably sleep til the crack of noon, so I'm going shopping for the 4 things I need for the tree :) Have a good upcoming week yall!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunset Beach :)

Today Kevin and I decided to head on up to the North Shore and hit up the beach. We decided to bypass historic Haleiwa and went a little more east to Sunset Beach. Its still in the town of Haleiwa, but further down. It was awesome! You could see the surfers way out riding some pretty nice sized waves. As the winter approaches on the North Shore, the waves get bigger. That means Pro surfing!! This week starts the Vans Triple Crown (Nov 12th-Dec 20), which starts in Historic Haleiwa (Ali'i Beach Park), then moves to Sunset Beach, and the grand finale takes place at Bonzai Pipeline. Kevin and I will try to check these events out and hopefully get some good pictures! Apparently this is the biggest surfing event of the year :)
We didnt stay at the beach long--we didnt pack that well this time around haha--but we did get some pictures. Dont be fooled by those cute looking waves...the waves and water at the shoreline were knocking everyone around!!

The shore breaks were crazy

This one was actually really big

Signature arm length pose ;)

It was a beautiful day up at the North Shore today and we really enjoyed ourselves. We even got in the water for a bit and the water was rough. It knocked me on my booty pretty good and when I got home I was finding sand in places I'd rather not mention!! After the beach, we went to Cholos Mexican Resteraunt...delicious!!! We were going to head back down the road to Matsumoto's for shave ice, but it wasnt on our way, so we went across the way to the general store to get some. It was yummy! Ive decided that shave ice will be a part of every trip I make to the North Shore :)

I think we are going to head to bed soon. Tomorrow Betty Jeep is getting an alignment, and I plan on continuing my hunt for Christmas tree decorations (and putting together the new layout for this blog)! Kevin has duty tomorrow night too so its going to be a very uneventful evening for me :( Hope everyone had a great Friday!!