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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another early day

It was another early day...for both of us. I finally met my orthopedic doctor that I will see on a regular basis for my busted old hip. He told me pretty much what every other doctor has told me since I was 18--that I have osteo arthritis and I will eventually need a total joint replacement. This guy, however, pushed the date back as far as 10 years, which Im darn happy about!!! He advised me to continue doing spin class (yay!) , and to start swimming more. Okay no problem, so far its good. Until.....he told me that I shouldnt be doing step class. "Exsqueeze me?? Baking powder?? I thought you just told me I shouldnt do step class, which Ive been faithfully doing for the last 2 years, and is VERY low impact." I proceeded to look at him like he just asked me to get rid of Mia. Wow Dr. Colonel, thats hitting below the belt (no pun intended). After explaining to him that I went from doing advanced step 5 times a week to only doing it once a week here, he then told me to take it easy and avoid major hopping, impact on joints, etc. "No problem Doc/Sir!" Im glad Colonel Doctor was able to see it my way :) Pshhhh, stop doing step.... its actually one of the few things that doesnt bother my hip. Anyway, Colonel Doctor ended up being pretty cool, and even knows the doctor that did my last hip surgery 16 years ago! I was impressed, and he said Im making him feel old! That wasnt my intention, especially since he looked way too young to be a Colonel anyway (and he's full bird at that!!). So that was my little hospital adventure!
I made it home in record time, and was able to go with Kevin to get that pesky Reconstruction permit thingy done on Betty Jeep. Im proud to announce that she passed!!! We also got her state inspection done, and the only things left to do now are go to the DMV to get her registered, get the inspection sticker affixed to her bumper, and get some base stickers...yay!!! After that was done, Kevin went back to work and I spent most of the afternoon with a heating pad on my belly (yeah the crazy lady who shows up every month reared her unwelcome, ugly head this morning and its been awful! We are mad she showed up in the first place, I might add). Oh and conveniently, both shoppettes we went to today were out of midol....awesome. Blah, I just spent the day working on my new blog design. Ive figured out the program, now Ive just got to add the elements!
Kevin had to work late today for BS reasons. 1SG Ghetto decided at FIVE o'clock that he wanted all of his NCO's to stay behind and mow the grass. WHAT?!?!? First of all, dude, its the day before a major holiday (a family one at that), and these guys are a support group for 3 other companies who all left before noon today, therefore they werent really supporting anything. So why wait until the END of the workday to request this mumbo jumbo, instead of like 3pm?!? I am trying so very hard not to degrade this "Leader" but he is really plucking my nerves (and Kevins). Hes the kind of 1SG that says, "Formation at 1600", and doesnt show up himself until quarter to 5 (this also happened today, among other days). He got his today though. Another wife came into the hangar at 6pm to see what was going on, and 1SG was like, "maam I need to speak to your husband." She said, "Only if I can speak  to YOU after!" She was nothing short of angry. Im pretty sure she let him have a piece of her mind, you know being that he claims to be a "family" man who wants his guys to get as much time with their families as possible. I know that Kevin and I didnt really have anything going on, but there are soldiers that may live on the west coast of the mainland that may have been hopping a flight to spend thanksgiving weekend with their families that just missed their flights because of this "family" man.
 I felt bad for them....but that wife is my new hero :)
Ahhh sorry for the vent, its just getting to us. Oh, and these guys have to DEPLOY with this 1SG. Im getting worried about that.
Blah, thats enough of my whining for one night/week/month! Before I go, I want to share this great picture I took today! This was taken this morning as we were leaving to go to the Recon place:

This rainbow was so vibrant, I just had to snap a picture :)
Tomorrow of course is Thanksgiving, so I will be cooking "Hugh", our 18 pound gobbler, with some homemade mashed potatoes, vegetables, and baking some cookies. Its just Kevin and I this year, so we arent going all out! The rest of the day will be spent just hanging out and relaxing with one another--just one of the many things Im thankful for :)
Goodnight yall!! Hope everyone has a great Turkey day!!!

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