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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 different trips to Honolulu.

Forgive me if I sound a little frustrated in this post. Im hormonal, and the reconstruction permit place for the state of Hawaii is one big fat joke...on a stick. Not a good combo. Let me back up a bit and explain why we even had to deal with these people anyway. Kevins beloved Betty Jeep is lifted and modified with all sorts of cool gadgets and suspension and beefy stuff that helps her rock climb better. Because of this, Kevin was told once we arrived on island and picked Betty Jeep up that he would need to get whats called a reconstruction permit that allows him to operate Betty Jeep on island. I dont really get the purpose, but whatever its their rules. Well, in order to even get a regular state inspection here in Hawaii (which is required, even for S.S.Sebring, my car), he has to get that recon permit. No problem, we call the place up to make an appointment in September, they tell us the earliest Kevin can get Betty inspected for this permit was TODAY. Yeah, over 2 months. Okay fine. He asks what needs to be done to prepare, and they tell him that he needs to get a fresh alignment for Betty before she comes in. Kevin explained to the alignment people that the jeep was needing to pass the recon inspection, and they said no problem. Kevin spent 170 bucks just for the realignment. Flash forward to this morning, where we battled over an hour of traffic just to get 10 miles down the road. We get to this place, and the guy looks over the jeep for 5 minutes and told him that not only did he need a third brake light, but the alignment wasnt done the way they wanted it done!!!! Exqueeze me? Baking powder? We called Firestone and they said they did the alignment as close to specs as they could based on the lift. Ugh, so needless to say, Kevin was pretty livid by this point, so we drove over to 4 wheel parts to get some advice and see if they had a brake light. They didnt but the guy told us to go to another alignment place, seeing as how Kevin would now need to get a special kit installed to meet specifications for the permit. Well we went over to that place and the guy there said he could get it done today, so we drove back home to get my car, just to drive back to Pearl City (right next to Honolulu) to drop Betty Jeep off. There was more traffic BTW. After dropping the jeep off, we drove back home so Kevin could get into work. We werent home 10 minutes when the guy called and said Betty Jeep was all done. So we drove back out to Pearl City to pick up the jeep, then finally drove back home. This was all done by 1230. Man I was beat. Oh and the "best" part is that we dropped another 170 bucks for the new alignment kit and still didnt get the reconstruction permit. We are really stressed out because Kevins pass and his current registration expire at the end of this month. Plus it really grinds my gears when time is wasted. I think we may be a one car family for a bit *sigh*.
So that was my day. I came home and reeeeeeee laxed after the recon/Honolulu-Home tennis ball journey. When Kevin got home from work, we went to an FRG thing with Kevins company. They had a Thanksgiving potluck for the single soldiers, and it was great! I got some great info, and am excited about attending my first FRG meeting in December!!
Tomorrow Im going to my very first spouses club luncheon ever! Im really excited to meet some new people :) More tomorrow yall! Sorry for the whole hormonal rant, but excuse my French, those people really just pissed me off! Put both Kevin and myself in a foul mood, and thats just not acceptable.
Ahhhh, I feel better now, goodnight!!

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  1. If you see me today at the luncheon, come say hi! And mention who you are so I'm not confused. ;)