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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunset Beach :)

Today Kevin and I decided to head on up to the North Shore and hit up the beach. We decided to bypass historic Haleiwa and went a little more east to Sunset Beach. Its still in the town of Haleiwa, but further down. It was awesome! You could see the surfers way out riding some pretty nice sized waves. As the winter approaches on the North Shore, the waves get bigger. That means Pro surfing!! This week starts the Vans Triple Crown (Nov 12th-Dec 20), which starts in Historic Haleiwa (Ali'i Beach Park), then moves to Sunset Beach, and the grand finale takes place at Bonzai Pipeline. Kevin and I will try to check these events out and hopefully get some good pictures! Apparently this is the biggest surfing event of the year :)
We didnt stay at the beach long--we didnt pack that well this time around haha--but we did get some pictures. Dont be fooled by those cute looking waves...the waves and water at the shoreline were knocking everyone around!!

The shore breaks were crazy

This one was actually really big

Signature arm length pose ;)

It was a beautiful day up at the North Shore today and we really enjoyed ourselves. We even got in the water for a bit and the water was rough. It knocked me on my booty pretty good and when I got home I was finding sand in places I'd rather not mention!! After the beach, we went to Cholos Mexican Resteraunt...delicious!!! We were going to head back down the road to Matsumoto's for shave ice, but it wasnt on our way, so we went across the way to the general store to get some. It was yummy! Ive decided that shave ice will be a part of every trip I make to the North Shore :)

I think we are going to head to bed soon. Tomorrow Betty Jeep is getting an alignment, and I plan on continuing my hunt for Christmas tree decorations (and putting together the new layout for this blog)! Kevin has duty tomorrow night too so its going to be a very uneventful evening for me :( Hope everyone had a great Friday!!

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  1. Oh that stupid sand! I swear I had a ton of sand stuck between two layers of fabric on my bathing suit. I ended up having to but a small hole on the inside layer to get it out.