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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!

Before I get into todays events, I just want to give a heartfelt thanks to all of our veterans out there! What they do for our country is far beyond themselves, and I cannot thank them enough for the sacrifices they make. I make it a point to show appreciation for these guys and gals every chance I can! I believe that Veterans Day should be observed every day, so make it a point to thank a military member or veteran every chance you get! :)

Okay so last night Kevin had duty until like 4am this morning. I told him that I would stay up with him so that we could sleep in together. I did pretty good! I have insomnia sometimes so staying up late wasnt that hard. I did start to doze off just before he came home though! So after sleeping in (we got up about quarter after 12), we decided to relax a bit and then made plans to go out and get a Christmas tree and paraphernalia. Yes, I know its still early November, but there is a method to my madness! We are going to take and upload Christmas themed pictures to Shutterfly and order Christmas cards and we need our tree for the shots. Well, because we live in Hawaii, its going to take longer for the pictures to get here, and then we have to send them out to everyone. We want to send them out by early December. Thats why we are putting up our Christmas tree early! Im really excited because I love decorating :) Ive got just a few more things I want to get for the tree, but I will get those tomorrow! I did run into this when we were wandering around Kmart:

Isnt he awesome?!? I had to get a picture heehee. He is even giving the "shaka" wave! I really want him in our front yard!! We saw another one that had 2 palm trees and Santa lounging in the hammock but it was half deflated so I couldnt get a good picture. After Kmart we went to Lowes to wander around and see what Christmas stuff they had. They had some cute things, but I didnt get anything. They did have a 12' tree on display but $550 is a little out of our price range for a Christmas tree! It would totally fit in our front room though!! We then grabbed some food and came back home. For some reason, we are both really tired and are heading to bed very shortly. We are planning on going to the beach tomorrow, so be on the lookout for more beautiful Hawaii pictures! Good night yall!

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