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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kind of productive day, plus the "Cyoot Kitteh picture of the week!"

Aloha everyone!! Today was pretty productive for me! I got up and dragged myself went to spin class this morning. This was a much better class than last Tuesday! I got an amazing workout and I didnt feel faint or dizzy at all!! Immediately after spin class, I went down to 4 Wheel Parts in Waipahu to order what Kevin wanted for his birthday--a skid plate for Betty Jeep. I would have ordered it for him yesterday, but he couldnt make up his mind on what he wanted! Once that was ordered, I headed home to get some stuff done on my weekly list. I was kind of expecting to see my Kindle waiting for me on our back porch thinking that maybe, just maybe, it would have gotten here a day early. No luck :(
Instead, there were 3 dirty bathrooms waiting for me haha. I got all 3 completely cleaned, got the kitchen cleaned, and the garbage taken out. After Kevin left to go back to work, I scooted over to the commissary to pick up some necessities. After that, I came home and cooked dinner! So it was a pretty productive day for me, although its not as productive as I wanted. Tomorrow sees me cleaning and vaccuuming the floors, washing S.S.Sebring, putting winter clothes away in boxes, and possibly giving Mia and Wyatt a bath!
Speaking of the kitties, check out the "Cyoot Kitteh" (LOL cats if youre not familiar) picture of the week! This week features Wyatt-- my sweet, cuddly ham!

You see, Wyatt just loves to lay on remotes. Everytime he jumps on the bed or on the couch, he makes a beeline for any and all remotes, and proceeds to lay down on top of them. Our T.V. remote is almost completely hidden under his head because he lays directly on them. He has changed the channel on more that one occasion!! We like to joke that he just wants to watch what he wants to watch, and if the channel doesnt get changed, he likes whats on and doesnt want us to change it haha. He cracks me up on a daily basis! I love my little ham-bino!
Anyways, off to bed! Im super stoked about the arrival of my kindle tomorrow, and I cant wait to download some books! Goodnight yall!!

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