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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Average morning, awesome evening!

This morning, as I predicted, my hip wasnt feeling 100% so I didnt go to the gym for kickboxing like I wanted. So I slept in and spent all morning glued to the History channel :) This afternoon, the box my mom sent me arrived--thanks mom!! When Kevin got off work we went down to Lowes for some stuff. Then he said we needed to go to wal mart. He hates Walmart so I was a little confused, but it was okay since I didnt find the item I was looking for at Lowes (Walmart didnt have it either-boo). We went over to the electronics dept and Kevin proceeded to get my birthday gift....a brand new 32" Flat panel tv!!! Holy cow I wasnt expecting that!! I really thought he was going to get me a breadmaker or sewing machine Ive had my eye on. I have the best husband EVER :) Im really excited about the new tv, and its already upstairs in our bedroom and ready to be hooked up. Plus the cats are having just the best time playing in the box haha. Kevin is so good to me, I told him he didnt have to spend that much on me, but he insisted saying that we have a 13 inch tv in there I can barely see, so he wanted something I could actually see...what a sweetheart *sigh*. Thanks baby for the AWESOME gift!!
Tomorrow, I was going to go to the gym in the morning for spin class, but I remembered Kevin has an appointment at Tripler at like 9am so no gym for me! I may try to sneak in there tomorrow afternoon though :) For now its late (well to us) and we are off to bed. Goodnight yall!!

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