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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Black Friday is crazy. Last night before Kevin and I even went to bed, I was looking at facebook statuses of my friends on the east coast, and even one in Texas, and they had either been to at least one store already, or were on their way out. My friend in TX was the one that had already been to one store and was waiting for another one to open....crazy!!! I might mention that this was before 10pm our time. Kevin and I really dont like spending an hour looking for parking at 2am so Black Friday doorbusters arent for us!! Today we got up at 9am and headed over to the pharmacy for me, then headed down to the DMV to continue the registration process for Betty Jeep. Well, I looked online the other day and it said the DMV was only closed on Thanksgiving DAY. Imagine our frustration when we got there and the DMV was closed......because of Furlough Friday. Something told me they would have a Furlough Friday the same day it just so happens to be Black Friday. Pfft.... anyway, we decided to go to Lowes to get a couple of things around 11am. We knew the parking lot would be packed because of the outlet mall across the street, but we didnt have a hard time finding a spot. Once we got our stuff, I decided to go over to the washer/dryer section just to see if they had any Black Friday deals on pedestals. Not only did they have a special, they had a special on Whirlpool ones! Keep in mind these pedestals are $250 a piece regularly. They were on sale for....are you ready?..... 99 BUCKS a peice!!!! So with our military discount, we walked out of Lowes with 2  brand new pedestals for our washer and dryer, plus the stuff we originally went in for, for a whopping $212 (with tax)!!!! We paid 60 bucks less for two of them than we would have for one if they hadnt been on sale. We are beyond elated and they are now installed underneath the washer and dryer. Im excited because I dont have to bend down so far to get the clothes out! Anyway, that was our Black Friday bargain :)
Normally I dont go near any stores on Black Friday, mostly because I cant stand the pushing and shoving and general rudeness of some people. Most sales continue on during the weekend anyhow, so I may venture out on Sunday.
After our Lowes bargain of the century (lol) we headed down Ace Hardware to find some stuff Kevin needed for the air compressor in Betty Jeep. I also found a new color of stain that I want to try on the desk. Its ever so slightly lighter than the one I used on the mini project a few weeks ago, with different tones. Im excited to see how it looks! Hopefully I will have some time next week to continue working on the desk project. Doctor appointments among other things have put it on the back burner :(
Tomorrow Kevin and I are getting up at 6:30am to watch only the most important college football game of the year: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Michigan Wolverines. These 2 teams are very hated rivals, so its definitely the most exciting game of the year to watch. I married into Buckeye Nation, so Ive really gotten into cheering them on... Go Bucks!! After the game I have no idea what we are doing. Maybe I can head up to the North Shore and get some shave ice Ive been craving for the last 4 days :) For now Im headed to bed (Im wiped out!)

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  1. Oh the rivalry. OSU has an entire beat Michigan week which includes jumping mirror lake but you probably already know about that. And of course, he kicked their butts!!