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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dizzy Tuesday

I started my day by going to spin class. It was going great til I suddenly became VERY lightheaded and dizzy. I thought maybe I was overexerting myself so I slowed down a bit. It worked for all of 3 minutes before I got insanely nauseous. I'll spare you the details, but I've never gotten sick like that from working out. This happened 15 minutes in...15 minutes! I did finish the class, but I half-assed it (pardon my French). Anyway, I've been lightheaded and dizzy all day.
I did manage to make it to the commissary though. My genius self decided,however, to leave my house at 1115. It took over a half hour to get there. Why? Well, the soldiers of Wheeler and Schofield punch the time clock for lunch at around 1130, so the line to get across the street onto schofield was backed up....far. I finally get across the street and......darn traffic is backed up a half a mile from the commissary no lie. Ugh. If I didn't need certain groceries I would have totally turned around and gone back home! I finally make it to my grocery destination and got a sweet parking spot--worth the traffic :) in all honesty, I brought it upon myself, knowing army lunchtime was
Looming. I'm sure my fellow milspouses would agree. Not only that, but my dumb self didn't look at the time before I left the store, and proceeded to finish my grocery adventure at 20 til one. That's when our dear soldiers board their cars and go back to work. So I proceeded to sit in 35 more minutes of traffic just to get back across the street *sigh* you'd think I know this by now. Whatever I blame the lightheadedness hehe
After the grocery adventure I came home and proceeded to curl up on the couch until Kevin came home. He got off work early today yay! I love extra time with him :)
Tomorrow is another extremely early day, as I have a doctor appointment at 745am @ Tripler. Goodnight yall!
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