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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Paradise Cove Luau pictures

I originally wanted to post this early this morning, but we went to stand in line for Pro Bowl tickets!! We just got home a little bit ago. We got our tickets though, and some pretty sweet seats I might add!!

On to the plot of this post :) Last night Kevin treated me to a Luau for my birthday. We had an amazing time and I got alot of pictures!  So without further ado, heres our Luau adventure!!

WARNING: There are ALOT of pictures in this post!!

We got "Lei'd" on our way in...I got fresh flowers and Kevin got a Kukui Nut Lei

This guy played beautiful Hawaiian music while we were walking around

Spearthrowing...I totally threw like a girl the first go round haha

Kevin tried it too...he did MUCH better than me!

We got to make flower head wraps...I made Kevin smile for this picture :)

But this is how he really felt haha...he wore it all night though!!

Posing with my Flowers

Ahh beautiful Hawaiian sunsets

Me being nerd-a-licious with my long island iced tea

Say hello to random stand-up paddleboard guy!!

Yeah, we're cute :)

This picture is for my sis in law Ashley!!

Kevin really loved these rock formations

Shower of Flowers...this guy climbed to the top of this Palm tree in like 5 seconds...Sorry the pic isnt that good, it was getting dark and my camera couldnt pick it up that quick

That dark spot in the square underneath the light is where the pig is buried...Cooks for 8-10 hours, and it was YUMMY!

Woooo Hula!!

The girl at our table and me...we went onstage to do the hula :)

After we got home, I decided to model my flowers haha (please excuse the mess in my dining room, I didnt clean yesterday hehe) Mia sniffing the forward 1 second later and she tried to eat it.

This was taken when we first walked in... I love this picture!

I was going to add some videos I took, but the computer and blogger is not cooperating :( I will try to post videos elsewhere!

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