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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Saturday Evening Post

Insomnia sucks. I tried everything to go to sleep last night, but I didn't actually fall asleep until 430am this morning. I was upset because I had some errands today and I wanted to get them done early so I could work on the desk. Instead I didn't get on the road til 11. Oh well, I just decided to run out and get some more Christmas decorations :) between stores, I picked up Kevin and he went shopping with me til Betty Jeep got her alignment done. Then it was back home to cook dinner and let Kevin sleep a bit before he went to work tonight.
Speaking of him working, he gets there and the other NCO that was supposed to he on duty with him tonight didn' Say whaaaat?! So they get hold of this guy and he says he's in WAIKIKI DRINKING. This mother trucker said he *didnt know* he was supposed to have duty tonight even though the memo came out awhile ago. Kevin knew. I'm sorry but I call BS on that! So now poor Kevin has to patrol by himself. Sorry it makes me mad when people just don't show up for work. Vent over :)
Tomorrow we are putting up our tree, taking pictures for our Shutterfly cards, and putting the order in so we have time to send them out to the family and friends. Kevin will probably sleep til the crack of noon, so I'm going shopping for the 4 things I need for the tree :) Have a good upcoming week yall!
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  1. Love the new background!

    I cant believe that guy just didnt show up for work! Responsibilities people!