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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving yall!!

What a great Thanksgiving we had today! We both slept in, and relaxed all day. Kevin played his video game and worked on Betty Jeep for the majority of the day, while I carefully kept an eye on our delicious Thanksgiving meal. The turkey cooked just about 5 hours, and was DELICIOUS! Probably the best turkey I have ever made!
Heres what our gobbler looked like right before I stuck him in the oven:

Dont be fooled by this little picture.... he was 19 lbs!!

And this is the turkey fully cooked and ready to eat!
The meat was juicy and perfectly cooked! Because it was just Kevin and I this year, we had mashed potatoes and a vegetable with our turkey. Nothing big, nothing fancy. I wanted to bake a pie or something but by the time dinner was done, I really didnt feel like being in the kitchen any longer haha. I will be baking either cupcakes or Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies tomorrow though!!
I really hope all of you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with laughter and love! I know that everyone has probably done this, but Im going to list some things Im thankful for :)

1. Kevin- he is the best husband I could ever ask for, he busts his butt to make sure Im happy, and never complains about it. He is my best friend and nothing short of amazing. Im beyond blessed to be his wife. Hes also my personal hero :)
2. My family and friends- along with Kevin, these folks make sure I stay sane! Theyre always there for me when I need them and I couldnt have picked a better bunch to call my family :)
3. Our house- During these hard economic times, there are people who dont have houses to come home to. Im thankful and blessed that I have a place to hang my hat every night (and its a nice one too I might add!)
4. Getting to live in Hawaii- yeah there are parts I dont like, but getting the priveledge to live in the honeymoon capital of the world is pretty cool in the grand scheme of things. The weather is nice, its got great scenery, and Im thrilled to be able to go to the beach in December
5. Our "Fur Children"- I love having Mia and Wyatt in our family. They are well behaved (for the most part!), and I just love their personalities! I couldnt have asked for more awesome cats than those two :)

Those are just a few things Im thankful for! Hopefully this time next year, we can add a son or daughter to that list...wish us luck!!

Ahhh, the turkey has settled in, so I think Im going to head upstairs, take a shower, and cuddle in bed with Kevin and and the kitties...good night yall!

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