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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My new obsession..... Zumba! Even after spin class this morning, I was super pumped about going to zumba class. The fun part about it is that you just dance and most of the time you dont realize youre burning loads of calories! I want to start going several times a week :)
After the gym, I headed home, made Kevin some lunch, took a quick shower, and wandered down to the lab to get blood drawn. My doc should get the results tomorrow! I then proceeded to spend a good chunk of the afternoon downloading songs and slacking on the couch. Once Kevin got home we went on a bike ride, but it started raining (boo) so back home we went! Besides, the new season of Swamp People on the History channel came on tonight, so we wanted to be home for that. Dont judge us, we love that show and didnt miss an episode last season! Any one else like that show??

Tomorrow its step class for me, then we will be having a couple of house guests for 15 days  ( theyre in the middle of PCSing out of Hawaii). I'm excited because I will have someone to talk to during the workday other than our napping extraordinaires Mia and Wyatt! Good night yall :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Tanning

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That is all my day entailed. I made a bunch of cookies--some for us, some for the guys Kevin works with-- and layed out in the sun this afternoon. I slacked off all day long and it was nice. I didnt do a lick of housework and I didnt go anywhere either! Other than cooking this afternoon, chores were out of the equation today, so I dont have much to blog about!
Tomorrow, however, I will be extremely busy! I have spin class and zumba tomorrow morning, then I have to head over to the hospital to get bloodwork done. After that, I am planning to mow the yard, weather permitting. I also want to go to Ross and get some more workout outfits since I'm working out at least 5 days a week now! If Kevin gets out of work on time tomorrow afternoon, I would like to go on a bike ride as well :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Bee

Yeah, that was me today!!! I started the day off right with some spin class, then as soon as I parked my car in the driveway, I decided I would suprise Kevin by cleaning the hard top he just bought for Betty Jeep. That took about an hour and a half but he was really excited and appreciative that I did it for him :) I took about a 20 minute or so break for lunch, then went upstairs and proceeded to deep clean our bathroom, our bedroom, the spare bath, the hall, the stairs, the floors downstairs, the half bath, the front room, the living room, and the kitchen/dining area! I literally JUST got done, and still managed to take a shower and get dinner done on time too---woot woot!!!! I will freely say that my back hurts and I will be asking my sweet, darling husband to clean the laundry room, including, but not limited to, the cat box. The only thing I have left to do is fold some laundry. I'm really excited that I got all of my weekly chores done because tomorrow is my day off from the gym and I plan on mowing the yard and then laying out in the sun (weather permitting of course!). If it rains, its going to be me, zumba, and maybe some sims a little later! I'm not doing any housework tomorrow!
Since I am planning to go to spin and zumba on Thursday, I have decided that I am going to get my bloodwork done tomorrow as well. That way the results will definitely be at Dr. Foley's office by next Tuesday! This is becoming a very exciting process and Kevin and I are extremely optimistic on what will happen next!
The rest of this evening is going to be spent with my honey, hence why this entry is early ;)

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Good night folks!

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Doc

This morning I got energized for my day with a little step class. When I left I got a frantic text from Kevin saying that NONE of his much needed referrals were put in. Well, I was going over to the clinic anyway for my records, so I dropped by one of his doctors' offices and made sure they put in the referral. She was hesitant, but took care of it. I then called Tripler to find out why Kevins doctor didnt put in radiology referrals like he said he was going to do. Through the nurse, and a callback to Kevin, they put in the referrals. That was smart of them. Kevin has been feeling so bad, so this was frustrating. I just want him to feel better, and I have no problem fussing out a full bird colonel that cant do his job right. Rant over.
Anyway, I picked up my records today because I had an appointment with my new OB/Gyn to continue fertility testing. Kevin and I were about to leave because we waited over an hour, but we were finally seen and I really like my doc! He has an English accent and he apologized for the long wait explaining that there were a couple of pregnant ladies that came in that were bleeding. I felt so bad for being angry about the wait and I sure hope those ladies are okay! Another reason is that he likes to spend alot of time with his patients and not rush them. For the extra wait time, I am okay with that! Due to the medical records lady giving me Kevins lab works and not mine, he wasnt able to see my progesterone levels and such, so he ordered a new lab, which I will be getting done Thursday. Then I see him again next Tuesday, where we will talk about the results. If everything looks good, we will be setting up an appointment to do an IUI. So with any luck we hope to be pregnant by the end of next month!!! That will put my due date at mid January, so Kevin will get to hold his little girl/boy before he deploys. Thats what we hope for :) The only bummer? I wont be able to come home for Christmas, I will be too far along. So Im sorry my lovely family :(
After the appointment, I grabbed some Matsumotos shave ice (which is literally almost right next door to the docs office-bonus!) and we headed home. Kevin even cooked dinner--thanks babes!!!! We are calling it an early night tonight, Kevin is pretty tired.
Oh before I go, I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that I picked up this--

YAY!!!! Ive been wanting this game forever and it is FUN!!! I was sweating after only 3 songs! Plus I am really getting into Zumba so I can do this even when there isnt a class!

Good night folks!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 26th & 27th

Yesterday, I started the day off right by going to step class. It was taught by un-rhythmic lady that does the class Wednesday nights. I was all over the place and step actually made me cranky. No worries though, because Kevin and I headed over to Bellows Beach shortly after I got home to hang out with some friends and camp! The one bummer about this trip? I had NO cell phone signal, it was all roaming, so for the first time since we arrived on island, I wasnt able to write a blog entry. It made me sad :(
Anyway, the trip was fun, and I'm happy to share some pictures with you guys!

Kevin doing the "Zoolander Look"

Our tents are awesome

Betty Jeep providing some light so we could set up the tents!

Joe kept putting sticks and branches in there then drenching it with lighter fluid...pyro....

Bellows in the morning :)

Add caption

It was much more calm this morning than yesterday afternoon

The mountains as you drive along H-3

How close we were to the ocean

Relaxing on the way home

My lover

We had a fabulous time, and I have some more pictures I will be posting on Facebook a little later. Kevin and I are going to bed early tonight, he isnt feeling too well and has to get up really early tomorrow. I have step class in the morning, then I have an appointment with another OB/GYN to continue fertility treatments. Wish us luck!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Todays top stories...

This morning started out great! I went to my favorite class ever, step class, and was on point for the entire routine! Then it was time to go grocery shopping where *GASP!* Kevin wanted to go with me! We got almost what we normally get, plus some goodies for the family and stuff for our BBQ/Camping excursion tomorrow. Total bill: Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars. I threw up in my mouth a little bit, and almost cried right there at the register. 250 bucks is what I spend on groceries in a MONTH,  not a single freaking trip!!!!!!!!!! I dont think we got THAT much stuff either. Ughhh. Kevin didnt seem bothered by it though. Anyway, we got the stuff and headed home for a bit so I could eat and get ready for zumba class this afternoon.
Zumba class went great, and I'm really loving how effective it is in flattening my tummy! Plus I really love the dancing :) During class, between songs, I was checking the score for the OSU-Kentucky game. It's March Madness and the #1 in the nation Buckeyes had made it to the Sweet 16. I had them picked to not only win todays game, but to win the National Championship. I hurried home to catch the last third of the game, and it was literally neck and neck the whole time. The Buckeyes LOST by 2 freaking points, therefore eliminating them from the tournament. I'm not only bummed that our beloved Buckeyes lost (I married into Buckeye nation, remember?) but that my brackets are completely jacked up now. I even predicted that Duke would lose to Arizona in yesterdays game. Blah. Now my pick is Kansas to win the Championship. As long as UNC loses their next game I'm happy :)
Anyway, so that was our day! Tomorrow, we are going to Bellows Beach for a going away BBQ and camping tomorrow night! Sunday or Monday I should have some fabulous pictures for you guys! Yay for pretty Hawaii pics!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mouth of the South

Thats what my mom calls me. Its because I just dont shut up. I am a VERY talkative rambler. So much so, that this morning I ended up chatting with Annie for like 3 hours after zumba class! Yeah, I even got a great tank top tan from it! I feel so bad because if I got sun, I know she did :( So, Im so sorry Annie!!!!!
I originally wanted to go to spin and zumba today, but I couldnt drag my butt out of bed early enough, so I just went to zumba. Our regular instructor (who I LOVE) hurt her foot so there was a fill-in. I liked this instructor, but with any new instructor you have to learn their style and the moves can get confusing. I dont feel that I got as good of a workout as I normally do :(
After zumba and the chat fest (lol) I came home and laid out in the back yard (dont worry mom, I put sunscreen on, and a larger SPF on the tanned part I got this morning) and rocked out to what little I have on the iPod while trying to minimize the tan lines! Kevin got off work early today! Yay for "Tropic Thunder" time :D With him be brought a flyer for an event next month which I'm totally participating in. Basically the battalion is doing a "Spouses flight" day where we get to do what our husbands do AND fly in a helicopter. I'm stoked!! Too bad they wont let me repel or parachute jump out :( It should be a really fun day, plus I get to meet more people yay!!
Tonight we are relaxing, and Kevin doesnt have to be back at work until Monday so super yay for 3 day weekends! I will be going to step class tomorrow, plus zumba at 415 tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and the Buckeyes play tomorrow afternoon, so we will be watching that as well.....go Bucks!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Guess what has 2 thumbs and didnt get up and go to kickboxing this morning? This gal! Thats right, I slept in....again. I'm glad I was home, because Kevin came in from PT saying he wasnt feeling well at all. He ended up not going in to work today because of his massive headaches. We know its because his calcium is really high and its throwing his body out of whack. I wish they would just pinpoint this trouble and get the surgery done asap. Anyway, he slept all morning so I went to lunch with a friend and walked around Pearlridge Mall. About halfway through our walk, Kevin texted me saying he was feeling worse and that after another appt he had this afternoon, he would be going to the E.R. So I dropped my friend off and raced over there, just for him to tell me he wanted to go home instead. *sigh* he is being stubborn!! The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing at home, other than the quick trip we made to the food court to get dinner). Its going to be an early bed night tonight!! I'm going to do spin class AND zumba tomorrow morning, so I need my beauty sleep!!

*I guest blogged for a fellow blogger today, click HERE to read it!!*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No surgery.....yet.

Kevin and I ventured up to Tripler for his appointment with General Surgery today. They told him that they are almost positive that his calcium has gone up due to an 8mm mass on his pancreas, but to be sure sure they asked him to get a chest x-ray (to make sure there arent any masses on the lungs) and a detailed CT scan on his pancreas. They also discussed the 2 possible scenarios for during surgery-- the first would be to take just the mass itself out if its benign, or the second option is to take the mass and between 75-90% of his pancreas out (if the mass is found to be malignant). Yes, Kevin can live a very normal life with just 10% of his pancreas :) Anyway, surgery at this point will happen, just not right now. After we were done at Tripler, Kevin wanted a burger so we went to Chilis for lunch. Once we got back, he headed into work and I caught up on some reading and downloaded more songs for my iPod. VERY uneventful afternoon. Plus these gloomy clouds are bummin' me out big time blah.
Tomorrow I am thinking about going to kickboxing class, only because I didnt go to spin today. Here's hoping the sun comes back out (and stays out please?) because I really need some tanning time!

Monday, March 21, 2011

(Not so) Manic Monday

It took all I had to drag myself out of bed this morning! I was grumpy, Kevin was grumpy, it just didnt start out well. Thankfully after step class I felt better. Well, mood wise. My toe, however, is getting worse and I was in pain all of step class. *TMI alert!*You see, last year (8 weeks before our wedding), my clumsy self dropped a 35 lb weight directly on my right big toe breaking it and cracking the nail severely. Long story short: nail falls off (2 weeks before the wedding. grrr.), nail grows back slowly. Nail is doing great until......last week it started stabbing into my foot. Guess what? The darn thing has started growing in. So now I have to go to the doc and they will probably remove it. Gah, it was almost fully grown back! But its hurting alot and I want to be able to move around step class and zumba without accidentally bumping it, so I will be calling the doc tomorrow :(
The rest of the afternoon went pretty good though! I had lunch with Kevin, washed more laundry, and downloaded some more stuff on my iPod. It was a relaxing day :) Tomorrow, I will be going to spin class, then Kevin has an appointment at Tripler. Hopefully its nice tomorrow afternoon so I can tan in the backyard because I just downloaded some really great mellow music to listen to while getting my bronze on ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I love about Sundays

Today has been a relaxing day! We slept in, hung out on the couch, Kevin got some "Betty Time" in (he washed her), I got 2 hours of tanning in (in the backyard),plus we went on an (almost) 4 and a half mile bike ride this afternoon. I really love days when Kevin and I can just hang out and spend good quality time together. The next ten or so months are going to be pretty busy with TDY's and preparations for deployment early next year, so I'm loving every single free second I get with him! We were going to go to the beach today, but ultimately decided to stay at home. Next weekend we promised ourselves that we would get out and do something on the island, such as kayaking or hiking. We were invited to go to the Paradise Cove Luau by one of Kevins co-workers "Applesnaps" (the guys nickname). We had a great time there on my birthday, so we may go! Hopefully I get better pictures than I did last time! Plus, Applesnaps' family is in town so it should be fun!
Tomorrow I will start the day with my favorite class, step! I'm really happy that I've gotten back into my gym routine and schedule! I'm definitely seeing results and I feel a heck of alot stronger than I did during the PCS move where we didnt set foot in a gym for like a month and a half. After step, I'm putting the brand new handles on the desk and I will post before and after pics tomorrow night!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon Saturday

Everyone has been buzzing about the "Supermoon" that will be in full effect tonight. Well, here in good 'ol Hawaii we may not be able to see it because of severely overcast skies :(
This only happens once every 20 years, where the moon appears 13-30% bigger and brighter. I would love to get a picture of it, but the darn rain is "moon blocking".

This morning I made it to zumba class! There were only like 10 of us including the instructor so there was lots of dancing room! Kevin had class today, but it was the last class of his semester so they got out super early. Kevin didnt mind though because after his class he got to go pick up the new hardtop for Betty. She is much quieter now! We also made a trip to Lowes to get the new handles for the desk! We even checked out the outlet mall across the street and Kevin was finally able to find the belt he has been looking for for the past year (at the Levis outlet :) ). They also have a Converse store, and I really loved a few pairs in there that I plan on getting :)
Since I didnt feel like cooking tonight, we had a lovely dinner at Chili's before heading back home. This evening will be spent praying that the clouds move so I can get my "Supermoon" picture, and just hanging out with Kevin. Tomorrow I'm hoping its nice because I really want to go on a bike ride. I will be sleeping in though :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabulous Friday

This morning I headed to step class to kick start my day! Afterwards I got quite a bit of housework done, then headed to the education center with Kevin to attend a Warrant Officer briefing. Kevin has been wanting to go Warrant for a long time, and he was asked to attend said briefing. Well when we got there the lady said they were done with briefings for the day (but the email specifically said 1330 as the time). Blah, dumb army and their lack of communication! Anyway, the info rolled out in the briefing is going to be the same as what we can find online. Kevin will be continuing to prepare his packet to go to WOCS (Warrant Officer Candidate School). He says the packet process could take up to a year, but when he gets assigned to the school, we will PCS out of here to that location (school is one year or more). I'm really excited for him, because I know he has wanted this for a long time :)
So since we didnt attend the briefing, Kevin went back to work and I decided to tan in my backyard. I grabbed my iPod and my lawn chair and rocked out for a bit. I wasnt expecting Kevin home until 5, so when I opened my eyes about 5 til 4, he was just standing in the yard looking at me. I shrieked because he scared the crap out of me!! Apparently the guys got off of work early today because its safety day or something. This evening will be spent just hanging out and welcoming the weekend :)
Tomorrow, the Saturday 9am gym class is........ Zumba!!! You bet your bottom dollar I'll be there!!! Zumba is becoming my new gym obsession. Plus the instructor makes it a zumba/cardio dance class and its really fun!! After Zumba I plan on continuing my tanning in the back yard (if its nice). I may go on a bike ride as well :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2 Years!

Today marks 2 years that Kevin and I have been together. It seems like yesterday that I was introducing myself to the man I would eventually marry. Best decision I have ever made! I love him more and more each day and I was pretty darn lucky that St. Patricks Day in 2009! I love you Kevin and I am looking forward to many many more years with you :)
This morning I was going to go to the spouses club luncheon, but decided that I had too much work to do at home, so I went to zumba with the plan of doing housework after! While at zumba,. I met a fellow blogger, Annie! You can read her fabulous blog HERE. We chatted for a long while and it was great! I also found out she lives in my neighborhood--yay!! After zumba I came home and got to work on the house. I didnt do much because I got sidetracked with Kevin being on lunch and my lovely neice Paige calling me <3
Once Kevin came home for the evening, we headed out to do the yearly moan and groan of taxes. It paid off this year because we were able to claim the travel expenses for the cats AND the cost to ship the car--all 2200 bucks of it! With everything, we got a pretty sizeable refund coming to us and now we are going to have a great anniversary vacation in June!!
I took Kevin out to dinner tonight for our anniversary. Nothing fancy but we got to spend some really good time together (well all of our time together is awesome!).
Other than meeting a fellow blogger and taxes, it was a pretty uneventful day!
Tomorrow, its step class in the morning (yay!) followed by more housework. I'm hoping to get the work done early and lay out in the backyard. Mamas lookin' a little pasty lately, gotta work on the tan! Night y'all!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hump Day stuff

On Wednesdays I usually take the morning off from the gym, so I got up and suprised Kevin with coffee and freshly baked blueberry struesel muffins! Once he left for work, I racked out until 1030 on the couch! I tried waking up several times, but my body kept shutting back down so I guess I needed the sleep! I was supposed to go to the beach today, but that didnt work out. I did have the pleasure of doggy sitting Dexter again today! It was really nice out, so we spent a bunch of time in the backyard, plus we went on 2 walks--one this morning and one after dinner! As usual, he was well behaved :) He actually just left about 20 minutes ago.
Tomorrow I was going to go to the spouses club luncheon, but I have a bunch of stuff that needs to get done around the house plus we are getting our taxes done, so I am going to have to skip it. I do plan on going to the gym at normal time in the morning though! After our taxes are done, I think I may take my amazing husband out to dinner ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Happenings

My Tuesday started with spin class, where I proceeded to magically turn my legs into a jello-like substance. Oh, and they hurt too! Once I arrived back home, I prepared the grocery list as well as Kevins lunch. Today was grocery day, and for a payday it wasn't too bad in the store!
I decided to sunrise Kevin with a steak dinner (which was yummy!), and afterwards we watched Tosh.O and the roast of Donald Trump. Uneventful day, I must say.
Tomorrow I'm hanging out with my friend Samantha and I doggysit Dexter for a few hours while his mom and dad hit the town. We are planning on going to the beach :)
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Monday, March 14, 2011


This morning I went to step class, then came back and gave Dexter a nice long walk around our neighborhood. Afterwards, he ran around the yard while I trimmed the weeds. After Kevin went back to work from lunch, it was time to take Dexter home. I ended up chatting with Chantal and Brandon for like 2 hours which was really nice! I had a great time watching Dexter, it made me miss having a dog. Plus he is so well behaved!!
Once Kevin got off work, we went on a bike ride down "the Gulch". This time I took a few pictures!

This is a popular PT area for soldiers. They hate running it lol
Start is at the top right off the road, End is at the bottom (obviously.)

Before we rode down

On our way down. It took alot of steadying and skill to take a picture while speeding down the hill!

All the way at the bottom about to head back up. See the building all the way at the top? It looks farther when youre at the bottom!
On our way down the hill, we saw two HUGE wild pigs just dart across the road. I couldnt get the camera turned on and ready fast enough to catch them. They were pretty epic!!! Its not uncommon to see wild pigs down there though, theres lots of back roads and woodsy areas. After our bike ride back up the Gulch and home, we relaxed some and now are about to go to bed.
Tomorrow I have spin class in the morning, then its off to the commissary to get the stuff I didnt get this afternoon. I'm also going to finish some laundry. I'm also going to clean the floors (yay.).
Good night folks!