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Monday, March 7, 2011

I hate PT time.

Especially when I have an appointment during said PT time. Allow me to explain. I live on the other side of the air field, far away from the front of post. Well, I had a doctor appointment this morning and it required me to go across post and across the street to the other post. During PT time. The rule on post is that youre supposed to keep your speed at 10mph when passing troop formations. No problem, except for said troops like to take up BOTH sides of the road, so youre doing more like 2. Anyway, I was behind a school bus that did 5mph all the way across post, even when not passing army dudes and dudettes. This made me run late for my appointment, so I was already annoyed at this point. I quickly drove down to a faster entrance to the other post, and drove down a residential street (which I thought would be clear of PT people). Nope. I tried to keep it at 10 mph when passing a troop of army guys, but I may have been slightly going over of the guys JUMPED IN FRONT OF MY CAR and yelled at me to slow down!!!! I yelled right back and told him to get out of my way! Its like, Im sorry if I was speeding but dont jump in front of my car lunatic!!! What a douchebag. As I was driving away, I yelled, "Y'all are making me late, maybe you should run faster!!!" Haha he was probably pissed. Whatever, even Kevin said he shouldnt have jumped in front of my car. Ugh, anyway that was just the start of my morning! My doctor appointment went great, and the doc was more than happy to issue a referral to a fertility specialist!. Meanwhile, back at my car, the battery was slowly dying because guess who decided it would be "cool" to leave her headlights on. So of course I had no jumper cables (theyre in Betty Jeep), but a kind stranger was cool enough to help me push S.S.Sebring out of her parking spot so he could give me a jump. Thanks guy!!!
By then, it was time to head on over to step class, where I planned to work some of my Monday morning frustrations out. I got a great workout, but I was tripping all over the place. I had a hard time keeping rhythm and timing my moves even though I've been doing step for over 2 years now! Blah.
Back at home, I decided to try and relax and straighten my day out. I started by talking to Kevin :D
The rest of the afternoon was spent painting and I will now be heading upstairs to cuddle with my little chunky monkeys and wait for Kevins nighttime call :)
Tomorrow will be better! I'm going to spin (AFTER PT time) and painting some more :)

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  1. I can't believe he jumped in front of your car. How crazy!!