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Friday, March 11, 2011


I was touching up the paint on the benches last night when I got a call from Kevin. He sounded pretty concerned that I hadnt watched the news, then informed me that a 8.9 earthquake had hit off the coast of Japan, sending a ton of aftershocks and tsunami threats to Hawaii. So for the next few hours I watched the news, listened to the tsunami sirens going off every hour outside, and waited for impact. Thankfully, where we live is in the "safe zone", meaning we really dont have to worry too much about tsunami flood waters.Kevin was still on the Big Island, but was 6000 feet up so he didnt have to worry either. They did get a 4.5 earthquake where he was and his bed shook!
I do want to express my deepest sympathy and thoughts to those in Japan who suffered not only a ginormous earthquake, but several aftershocks, and tsunami waters reaching 33 feet. From what I understand, over a thousand lives were lost, and this is nothing short of a horrible tragedy. Hawaii was spared major damage, just some flooding in Maui and on the Big Island. This is one of those times I'm glad we dont live near the beach!
Today, I woke up, responded to 54857548 text messages and facebook posts from family and friends worried that we would wash away from the tsunami, and went to step class (with only 4 other ladies, it was a really small class!) to pass some time before I was supposed to pick Kevin up from PTA. I got a great workout, and rushed home to get ready. Of course, they didnt take off on time, so instead of seeing him at 11:30, I didnt get to see him until almost 1:30. Gah, thats the army for ya. I am mastering the art of hurry up and wait....
Im very glad he is home now though! I missed him!!! Tonight we are just relaxing and I told Kevin that we can do whatever he wants to do this weekend since he has had to work on both Saturday and Sunday for the last few weekends. Tomorrow I may go to step class in the morning if Kevin is still sleeping, but the rest of the weekend will be pretty low key! I'm off to cuddle with my love :)

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