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Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 26th & 27th

Yesterday, I started the day off right by going to step class. It was taught by un-rhythmic lady that does the class Wednesday nights. I was all over the place and step actually made me cranky. No worries though, because Kevin and I headed over to Bellows Beach shortly after I got home to hang out with some friends and camp! The one bummer about this trip? I had NO cell phone signal, it was all roaming, so for the first time since we arrived on island, I wasnt able to write a blog entry. It made me sad :(
Anyway, the trip was fun, and I'm happy to share some pictures with you guys!

Kevin doing the "Zoolander Look"

Our tents are awesome

Betty Jeep providing some light so we could set up the tents!

Joe kept putting sticks and branches in there then drenching it with lighter fluid...pyro....

Bellows in the morning :)

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It was much more calm this morning than yesterday afternoon

The mountains as you drive along H-3

How close we were to the ocean

Relaxing on the way home

My lover

We had a fabulous time, and I have some more pictures I will be posting on Facebook a little later. Kevin and I are going to bed early tonight, he isnt feeling too well and has to get up really early tomorrow. I have step class in the morning, then I have an appointment with another OB/GYN to continue fertility treatments. Wish us luck!!

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