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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The King's Speech

For the first time in a long time (first time in Hawaii), I got up and made it to the gym for the 9am class. It was step this week :) After class, I decided to print some of our pictures out to put in frames (one of my projects while Kevin is away). The printer was loaded with brand new cartridges of ink (both color and black) so I started printing. The color pictures came out great, but the black and white ones look really bad. Like so bad I wont put them in frames and show them off. The picture quality itself is great, its just that our printer sucks for better lack of  a word. I think I will get our black and white ones professionally done :)
I did alot of reading and hanging with the kitties today. I also got to talk to Kevin some! My poor sweet husband has a cold and has been sleeping the majority of the last couple of days. I feel bad because I cant be there to take care of him :(
This morning during step class, my friend Chantal (read her awesome blog HERE) invited me to the movies this evening to see "The King's Speech". It just won Best Picture at the Oscars last weekend, so I wanted to see it. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Panda Express, then headed over to the theater. Her friend Michelle joined us right before the movie started. If you havent already seen it, please go see this movie! I thought it was a fantastic film, and VERY deserving of Best Picture this year! It was good. Like, I'm going to go out and get it on blu-ray the minute it comes out good. Its based on a true story of King George VI and centered around his speech impediment. It had everything a good movie should have :)
Anywho, that was my evening and I had a fabulous time!
Tomorrow, I will be partaking in the cleaning of the house. I've been so focused on completing these side projects, that our house has gone by the wayside. Its very dusty, and the floors could use a good sweep/mop. Plus, its laundry day and the sheets need to be done as well. So that will be my day. Yay me.

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