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Monday, March 14, 2011


This morning I went to step class, then came back and gave Dexter a nice long walk around our neighborhood. Afterwards, he ran around the yard while I trimmed the weeds. After Kevin went back to work from lunch, it was time to take Dexter home. I ended up chatting with Chantal and Brandon for like 2 hours which was really nice! I had a great time watching Dexter, it made me miss having a dog. Plus he is so well behaved!!
Once Kevin got off work, we went on a bike ride down "the Gulch". This time I took a few pictures!

This is a popular PT area for soldiers. They hate running it lol
Start is at the top right off the road, End is at the bottom (obviously.)

Before we rode down

On our way down. It took alot of steadying and skill to take a picture while speeding down the hill!

All the way at the bottom about to head back up. See the building all the way at the top? It looks farther when youre at the bottom!
On our way down the hill, we saw two HUGE wild pigs just dart across the road. I couldnt get the camera turned on and ready fast enough to catch them. They were pretty epic!!! Its not uncommon to see wild pigs down there though, theres lots of back roads and woodsy areas. After our bike ride back up the Gulch and home, we relaxed some and now are about to go to bed.
Tomorrow I have spin class in the morning, then its off to the commissary to get the stuff I didnt get this afternoon. I'm also going to finish some laundry. I'm also going to clean the floors (yay.).
Good night folks!

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