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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I love about Sundays

Today has been a relaxing day! We slept in, hung out on the couch, Kevin got some "Betty Time" in (he washed her), I got 2 hours of tanning in (in the backyard),plus we went on an (almost) 4 and a half mile bike ride this afternoon. I really love days when Kevin and I can just hang out and spend good quality time together. The next ten or so months are going to be pretty busy with TDY's and preparations for deployment early next year, so I'm loving every single free second I get with him! We were going to go to the beach today, but ultimately decided to stay at home. Next weekend we promised ourselves that we would get out and do something on the island, such as kayaking or hiking. We were invited to go to the Paradise Cove Luau by one of Kevins co-workers "Applesnaps" (the guys nickname). We had a great time there on my birthday, so we may go! Hopefully I get better pictures than I did last time! Plus, Applesnaps' family is in town so it should be fun!
Tomorrow I will start the day with my favorite class, step! I'm really happy that I've gotten back into my gym routine and schedule! I'm definitely seeing results and I feel a heck of alot stronger than I did during the PCS move where we didnt set foot in a gym for like a month and a half. After step, I'm putting the brand new handles on the desk and I will post before and after pics tomorrow night!!

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