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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today and tomorrow morning I have the pleasure of dog sitting Dexter, Chantal and Brandon's border collie. Kevin is allergic to dogs, so we arent able to get one, so when the opportunity to dog sit for a day and a half came up, I took it! Our day started with Dexter being dropped off so the two lovebirds could go on their Waikiki super date :) Our first activity was to drive down to the car wash Kevins company was doing. Both Betty Jeep and S.S. Sebring got a much needed bath and they look great! Dexter had fun watching the people spray the cars! After we got back, we played in the backyard for awhile, then I decided the yard needed to be mowed. This was a funny adventure. You see, Dexter likes to attack the lawnmower tires and the flap the cut grass spits out of. It was funny, but it kind of scared me. I would hate to have to give him back to his mom and dad with one less tongue or foot! We made it through the mowing of the backyard, and he played while I pulled the weeds. Since the landscapers did such a crappy job the other day, I mowed out front too. I even pulled the tomato plants out!! Once Kevin got up from his nap, we took Dexter down to the ball fields to run as much as he wanted to. Being the awful dogsitter I am (sarcasm), I forgot to bring his ball along! Bad Jen! He wore me out though and had me running all over that field! He got a really great workout and now he is happily snoozing in the living room! Here are a couple of pictures from our walk! I didnt get many because he is hard to capture while running around!

Playing at the baseball field

Going for a walk

On our way back from the ball field...Dexter had a great time!
I really had a great time hanging out with this little guy today, he is very well behaved and even stayed in the garage when Kevin brought home this home gym thingy he bought today. I have him until tomorrow morning/early afternoon and I plan on taking him for another good walk before I have to give him back :)
So that was our day! The yard looks great, the car is washed, and the dog is pretty tired! A productive day if I do say so myself :D
Tomorrow I will be going to step class, then hanging with Dexter for a bit. I also plan on doing some laundry!

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