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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabulous Friday

This morning I headed to step class to kick start my day! Afterwards I got quite a bit of housework done, then headed to the education center with Kevin to attend a Warrant Officer briefing. Kevin has been wanting to go Warrant for a long time, and he was asked to attend said briefing. Well when we got there the lady said they were done with briefings for the day (but the email specifically said 1330 as the time). Blah, dumb army and their lack of communication! Anyway, the info rolled out in the briefing is going to be the same as what we can find online. Kevin will be continuing to prepare his packet to go to WOCS (Warrant Officer Candidate School). He says the packet process could take up to a year, but when he gets assigned to the school, we will PCS out of here to that location (school is one year or more). I'm really excited for him, because I know he has wanted this for a long time :)
So since we didnt attend the briefing, Kevin went back to work and I decided to tan in my backyard. I grabbed my iPod and my lawn chair and rocked out for a bit. I wasnt expecting Kevin home until 5, so when I opened my eyes about 5 til 4, he was just standing in the yard looking at me. I shrieked because he scared the crap out of me!! Apparently the guys got off of work early today because its safety day or something. This evening will be spent just hanging out and welcoming the weekend :)
Tomorrow, the Saturday 9am gym class is........ Zumba!!! You bet your bottom dollar I'll be there!!! Zumba is becoming my new gym obsession. Plus the instructor makes it a zumba/cardio dance class and its really fun!! After Zumba I plan on continuing my tanning in the back yard (if its nice). I may go on a bike ride as well :)

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  1. If I can drag my butt out of bed tomorrow, I'll be there too :) I'm so sore from going all week, but I have to agree it's a ton of fun!