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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Workout Master!

I was so dead set on going to Zumba this morning that I didnt pay attention to the time class was. I got up at regular time, ate, and got ready to be at the gym by 820. As soon as I pulled into my parking spot, it dawned on me that zumba is at 9:45, not 8:30 (like the other classes I typically go to). Good job, Jen. Since I was there, I had the bright idea to just go to spin (at 8:30), then still go to zumba at 9:45. Crazy? Yes, but aside from minor hip pain afterwards, I completed BOTH classes and felt pretty good! Guess who's going to sleep good tonight? This gal! After my 2 hour workout, I ran over to the lab to get some bloodwork done. I was in and out of there in less than 15 minutes!
I did have plans to hang with a friend today, but she stood me up. This is the same friend who stood me up a couple of months ago, so I dont even know why I bother making plans with her. No worries though! I made more progress on my staining projects and read a little bit.
Tomorrow is Friday morning step class, followed by a trip to the PX to get a comforter set we want thats going on sale. I hope they have it because I really really want it! I may look for some more gym clothes, as I am going at least 4-5 times a week now.
I'm keeping this post short because Kevin is supposed to call any minute! I miss him :) Good night!

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  1. Awesome workout! Good job! I knew you could do it :)

    You know who has good workout clothes? Target. I love Target!