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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Done, done, done!

I finished all of my TDY projects except for the pictures!!!!! The pictures are going to be professionally processed and that is going to take some time. Everything else is done though!!! The bench, the desk, the closets, the spare room...all done! Now I just wait for Kevin to tell me when I should pick him up. These last couple of weeks have been really quiet with him gone. Its nowhere near a deployment timespan, but I still missed him anyway!!! It will be nice to have my spooning partner back ;)
I didnt make it to zumba today :( Mostly because my back was really sore from yesterday, and I really want to go to step class tomorrow and Saturday. It was nice taking the morning off! I got a bunch of stuff done and feel very accomplished!
Before I jump off of here, let me share the "Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week"!

This was taken last night. Mia wanted to lay where Wyatt was already snoozing, so she walked over and plopped herself right on top of him! They're spooning hehe
Hey at least they're not taking up the whole bed like they usually do! Lets just say we make a "T" and I am the long part. Crazy bed hog kitties.

Oh PS- the community center finally called me back yesterday and assured me that someone would cut my front yard today. Guess whats not cut? I'm really tired of this crap. They told me that its an argument as to whether or not my front yard is the armys responsibility to mow or the landscapers, thats why they havent mowed. Thats a load of BS because my neighbors yard is cut, why isnt mine? The sidewalk continues around my house, so its the landscapers job. Maybe I should just take my pictures to the Garrison Commander, betcha the grass will get cut!

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