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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hump Day stuff

On Wednesdays I usually take the morning off from the gym, so I got up and suprised Kevin with coffee and freshly baked blueberry struesel muffins! Once he left for work, I racked out until 1030 on the couch! I tried waking up several times, but my body kept shutting back down so I guess I needed the sleep! I was supposed to go to the beach today, but that didnt work out. I did have the pleasure of doggy sitting Dexter again today! It was really nice out, so we spent a bunch of time in the backyard, plus we went on 2 walks--one this morning and one after dinner! As usual, he was well behaved :) He actually just left about 20 minutes ago.
Tomorrow I was going to go to the spouses club luncheon, but I have a bunch of stuff that needs to get done around the house plus we are getting our taxes done, so I am going to have to skip it. I do plan on going to the gym at normal time in the morning though! After our taxes are done, I think I may take my amazing husband out to dinner ;)

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