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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Bee

Yeah, that was me today!!! I started the day off right with some spin class, then as soon as I parked my car in the driveway, I decided I would suprise Kevin by cleaning the hard top he just bought for Betty Jeep. That took about an hour and a half but he was really excited and appreciative that I did it for him :) I took about a 20 minute or so break for lunch, then went upstairs and proceeded to deep clean our bathroom, our bedroom, the spare bath, the hall, the stairs, the floors downstairs, the half bath, the front room, the living room, and the kitchen/dining area! I literally JUST got done, and still managed to take a shower and get dinner done on time too---woot woot!!!! I will freely say that my back hurts and I will be asking my sweet, darling husband to clean the laundry room, including, but not limited to, the cat box. The only thing I have left to do is fold some laundry. I'm really excited that I got all of my weekly chores done because tomorrow is my day off from the gym and I plan on mowing the yard and then laying out in the sun (weather permitting of course!). If it rains, its going to be me, zumba, and maybe some sims a little later! I'm not doing any housework tomorrow!
Since I am planning to go to spin and zumba on Thursday, I have decided that I am going to get my bloodwork done tomorrow as well. That way the results will definitely be at Dr. Foley's office by next Tuesday! This is becoming a very exciting process and Kevin and I are extremely optimistic on what will happen next!
The rest of this evening is going to be spent with my honey, hence why this entry is early ;)

Before I go, I wanted to mention a book giveaway my friend Sarah is doing for her 400th blog entry!!! I have put my name in the running to win some really great romance novels, and you can too! Just click HERE for more details!!! Congrats on your 400th entry Sarah!!! :)

Good night folks!

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  1. Good job!! And I'm very excited for you to get bloodwork, and everything that comes afterwards!