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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon Saturday

Everyone has been buzzing about the "Supermoon" that will be in full effect tonight. Well, here in good 'ol Hawaii we may not be able to see it because of severely overcast skies :(
This only happens once every 20 years, where the moon appears 13-30% bigger and brighter. I would love to get a picture of it, but the darn rain is "moon blocking".

This morning I made it to zumba class! There were only like 10 of us including the instructor so there was lots of dancing room! Kevin had class today, but it was the last class of his semester so they got out super early. Kevin didnt mind though because after his class he got to go pick up the new hardtop for Betty. She is much quieter now! We also made a trip to Lowes to get the new handles for the desk! We even checked out the outlet mall across the street and Kevin was finally able to find the belt he has been looking for for the past year (at the Levis outlet :) ). They also have a Converse store, and I really loved a few pairs in there that I plan on getting :)
Since I didnt feel like cooking tonight, we had a lovely dinner at Chili's before heading back home. This evening will be spent praying that the clouds move so I can get my "Supermoon" picture, and just hanging out with Kevin. Tomorrow I'm hoping its nice because I really want to go on a bike ride. I will be sleeping in though :)

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