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Monday, July 23, 2012

So far, so good....

Hi guys (and gals)!

Now that Kevin has reached his destination, I can really get my blogging going again. I didn't want to post too much last week because I was afraid I would give too much information. As of tomorrow, he has been gone one week. It's actually flown by for me! I hit the ground running from the moment he left and I have been focusing on staying busy! Well, except for yesterday when I lounged on the couch all day in my PJ's watching movies! I didn't go outside once--it was kinda nice! I have gotten to Skype with Kevin twice since yesterday, and it really improves my peace of mind when I can actually see him. I'm not used to having that kind of technology for deployments. When I was married before, the internet was still in dial up or DSL, and there was no such thing as Skype. Those deployments suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. I'm grateful that technology has allowed us to "see" each other, even 11,000 miles apart from one another.
As for Kevin, he is doing good and getting settled in to his new home for the next 6 months. He told me (very excitedly) that his room is within walking distance to a 24 hour coffee shop, and if you know Kevin, you would know that he LOVES his coffee! He is excited to start working and helping out the guys in his office, who are swamped right now with like 4 people and tons of aircraft
As far as daily life goes, I have been settling into a routine. I still go to the gym every morning, come home, do some cleaning until lunch, then work on whatever schoolwork I have going on. I may continue to work on my list of household projects too. This morning was actually fabulous! I got to Skype with Kevin before he went to bed, I got to talk to my brother for about an hour (It's his Birthday today--the big 30!), had an amazing workout in step class, found out the replacement headphones I had to purchase (I'll go into detail in a minute about that one--just say it was my ditz move of the week) were 50% off, AND the smoothie place actually had raspberries, which I'm obsessed with right now, after being out of them for weeks! Add to all of that that it's a beautiful day outside, and the mood meter goes up!!!
Now, here is the headphone story. I bought some new headphones with a speaker on them a couple months ago, so that I would have a hands-free device for driving ( I HATE bluetooth). Well, they produced good sound, so I used them for my ipod as well. The other day, when I was out working in the yard, I was clipping weeds, and my headphones cord swung in front of me and I snipped  it right in half! Oops.... Ditzy, I know! At least the lawnmower started for me that morning (eventually....). If you are friends with me on Facebook, you will know that I absolutely hate that mower, and it hates me right back! I dont know why-- I'm the one who mows the yard! Anyway, thats why I had to buy a new set of headphones. It all worked out, because my new set is pink, and produces really good sound :)
So that is life lately here! My donut of misery says we have completed a whole 3% of this deployment, so I'm just going to keep chugging along, and taking it day by day. That's all you can do, right?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And it begins.....


So, deployment has officially started. Kevin left this week to join his unit downrange and I think I held it together pretty well! I thought I would cry, but I didn't! Not even when I got home! I credit that to the fact that as soon as I got home from dropping him off, I immediately got to work on 2 papers for school. That took up the rest of the afternoon. I had some dinner, and got a chance to talk to Kevin for a few minutes (very late call) before heading to bed. He then called me at 215am the next morning! We got really lucky and he ended up staying in the U.S. for about 8 hours after he was supposed to, due to an extra flight to Alaska! I got to talk to him that afternoon as well before he had to board another flight out of the country.
It's only going to be 6 months, but I miss him terribly already! The cats have been moping around and occasionally they will go and sit at the door. It breaks my heart :( The good news is that I have a HUGE list of stuff I want to get done during this deployment. Plus, I am going to keep up with my gym schedule, and I have picked up an extra day at the museum. Add in the millions of house projects I have, and school, and these months will FLY by! I'm also going to make a valiant effort at keeping up with this blog!

*The dates are vague until Kevin arrives safely at his destination, for security and safety reasons!*


Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hey folks! I know its been a long time since I have posted anything, but I've been really busy! I am now in school full time, so there is homework and papers weekly, plus I volunteer at the post museum 2 (about to be 3) days a week! Add in the fact that I have been keeping up with my gym schedule and spending as much time as I can with Kevin before he deploys (yes, he is going :( ), I havent really had time for my blog.

So, Kevin is deploying after all. One of the guys in the TI office came back on emergency and ended up PCSing off the island. So the commander downrange called and said that Kevin has to join his unit in Afghanistan. He will only be gone 6 months or so, but I'm still not excited about it! He leaves VERY soon and I am going to try and post here daily once he leaves so that he can know what is going on with me and the cats ( you would be suprised at the shenanigans they get into on a daily basis! hehe). I am also going to try and do something different with the design of this blog, so be patient with me if it looks all wonky and weird! I still havent decided if I am going to change the name. I'm not really creative, so its been hard for me to find something catchy that represents our family, the Army lifestyle, and our big challenge--infertility.

Speaking of that, I am STILL not pregnant. We have now done 4 IUI's and I have done 4 rounds of Clomid (to try and have more eggs release each month). Now that Kevin is deploying, we are obviously on a TTC hiatus until January or February. Last month was our last month to try before he leaves, as I am not schedule to ovulate until RIGHT after he goes to Afghanistan. There is still a VERY small chance I could ovulate early this month before he leaves, but I'm not holding my breath on that one! I have decided to just focus on school and my workouts. I am getting stronger, but I gained 10 lbs back in March when we went to the Big Island (we finally got our "honeymoon! I will have to remember to tell you guys about that experience soon!) and I havent been able to lose it again. Once Kevin leaves, I am going on a clean diet, where I am not going out to eat, no fried foods at all, low sodium, no soda, and Starbucks only rarely. I am going to eat more fruits and vegetables, paired with high protein meats like chicken (skinless, of course). I am hoping to lose 15-20 lbs before Kevin comes home, which I totally think is doable.

Also, as of right now, I am planning a special trip to visit a dear Italy! I'm so excited to have this wonderful oppportunity, and will be saving as much as I can before October. Family at home, dont worry, Kevin and I will be planning a special trip to see you guys once he comes home from the desert. Believe it or not, the trip to Italy will be CHEAPER than if I went home for a week! And I will get to be in Italy for two weeks! I cant wait!

Ahh, so what else is new? Hmmm, other than school, its been pretty normal stuff around here. I did mention that I volunteer at the post museum....and I freaking LOVE it!! Right now, for example, I am working on a project that requires me to scan pictures into our digital database. Some of the pictures I get to see are a hundred years old! It's a pretty sweet gig! :)

It is getting pretty late out here in the land of Aloha, so I will wrap this up!
I've missed you guys!!!