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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday in pictures

Since we spent most of today sitting around, then spending some time at the commissary, I thought I would share a few pictures from yesterday!

This was actually taken at the Company picnic on Friday
 We started our day by heading to the other side of the island.

Cheesin' it up on our "roadtrip" to the windward side
 Once we were done completing our errands, we stopped to take some pictures of Kaneohe Bay, which is beautiful by the way!

This bay is where we went the 4th of July. You can see the light colored sandbars within the bay

See what looks like train tracks?? This is a hiking trail that is called "The Stairway to Heaven". This picture doesn't do it justice, as the "train tracks" go all the way up the mountain. It's practically straight up and down, so the trail has been closed for some time now. Its insane though!!
 When we were back on our side of the island, we decided to go out to eat for a late lunch. Kevin hadn't been to the shrimp trucks down in Hale'iwa, so off we went. We ate here:

I had the Pineapple Shrimp, and Kevin had the Kalbi Short Rib. Delicioso!
So that was our Saturday! Tomorrow starts another work week for Kevin, and another week of projects for me! I did a 2 week menu plan, and I'm excited to start cooking some of the recipes that I have listed on the plan :) I'm going to the gym tomorrow of course, and I'm planning on getting our DVD case stained to match the rest of our furniture. I would like to get some photos hung as well :) Oh, and I will be starting my Project 365, so be on the look out for that link! Good night everyone!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy Saturday!

We had a busy busy day today! Once we were up and ready, we headed to the Marine Corps base to pay a bill and pick up the new bag for my camera. We stopped by Ross on the way home to get Kevin some new dress pants and a couple of dress shirts. I saw quite a few things I would like to get for the house there (what a shocker. lol), and I plan on going back some time this week after all of our bills are paid to get a couple of things I had my eye on. For lunch, we decided to eat at the shrimp trucks down in Hale'iwa. These trucks are really well known, and their food is delicious! It was Kevin's first time eating there, and he really liked it!
The rest of the afternoon was spent reading/watching the second to last Harry Potter movie (Kevin) and creating a menu planner/grocery list for the next two weeks (me). I only got a full weeks worth of stuff written down--its harder than I thought! I want to mix up our meals and not have the same things all of the time, but we are staying on a budget too, and I dont want to have to load up my cart with all of these exotic ingredients that I'm only going to use rarely. Such a challenge! I'm really excited to get into the swing of things and save some serious money!
Also, Kevin and I talked about going home for Christmas, and since he isnt deploying, we may not be going home for Christmas. With me not being able to get a job yet, and the price of airline tickets at 1200 bucks or higher per ticket, we may not be able to afford to go home until a little later. I am really bummed out, because *Oh boy, I never thought I would say this* I NEED some time away from this island! Plus, I miss my family and want to see my 9-1/2 neices and nephews (1/2 because one is still baking!). Kevin wants to see the family too, so we are going to try and see what we can do. *sigh* stupid airline fares...
Tomorrow, we are planning on going to the beach at some point in the day. It's Sunday, so its sleep in day here at the Buzuleciu house. Even the cats sleep in on Sundays! Other than the beach, who knows what will happen :)

*I know I promised you guys some pictures (and I took more today), but I am getting really tired, and I spent a TON of time on the meal planner thing today, so I will try and get those uploaded ASAP*

In the meantime, I've got a date with my pillow starting now--midnight is WAYYYY past this old lady's bedtime!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today was pretty go go go! This morning, I went to step class, where I had to drop my workout to all low impact because of a freaking cramp that wouldnt go away. Then I dropped by Kevins office to bring him his wallet that he left in S.S.Sebring. While there, he was told that he had to attend the FRG picnic this afternoon. I tagged along, and brought the camera! I got some pretty good action shots of the 3 pointer basketball competition, and the watermelon eating contest (which shockingly, Kevin did not participate in!). I havent uploaded the pictures yet, but I will do some edits this weekend and email them to Kevins co-worker so that a slide show can be created. I will share some pictures with you guys as well, once they are on the computer! At the very end of the picnic, Kevin was approached by his supervisor and told that he would have to go down to Hickam to check on some damage to an aircraft. He was bummed out because A) they are supposed to be off for the day, and B) he just had to go down there to say "uh huh its broken". They wont be able to do anything as far as maintenance because, well, lets just say theres a reason and Im not sure I can put it on here. Anyway, so we went down to Hickam, got lost on Hickam, found out Kevins coworker beat us there and long story short, Kevin wasnt needed afterall, and turned around and proceeded to sit in 40 mins of traffic to get home. Kevin was pretty frustrated, as were all of his coworkers because they really didnt need to go down there. It was a total waste of time, for everyone. Poor guys--I hate when they have to deal with crap like this.
ANYway, we made it home and have been vegging out in front of the TV ever since! Tomorrow, we are going to the Marine base so I can pick up a quilted purse another milspouse is selling me for 20 bucks. I think it will be perfect as a camera bag, and I'm excited to get it. I will post a pic for you guys tomorrow! While there, Kevin and I are going to run an errand, then the rest of the weekend will be free for us! Hopefully, I will have the new Project 365 up and running by Sunday night, so I can start the project on Monday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What?!?! No Zumba?!?!?!

As you all know, Thursdays I attend not one, but two zumba classes. Well, last night I stated that I may skip this morning (and I did, because my hip needed more rest). Anyway, I was feeling better by this afternoon, so I was looking forward to going. Kevin calls me up last minute and asks if I can watch the girls, but dont worry because he will be home in time for me to be able to go to class. So I say no problem. The girls come over, and I grabbed a snack to eat before class. 30 minutes before I was supposed to leave, Kevin calls me and says he has to work late because there was an accident at the hangar--fabulous. He ended up coming in the door 5 minutes after I would have had to leave to make it to class on no zumba for me today :(
While I was just hanging out this afternoon (before the girls came over), I baked a marble cake with chocolate frosting--it turned out pretty good! I'm sorry I dont have pictures, it went FAST. *sigh* I love baking stuff :)
Tomorrow, I WILL be going to step class in the morning, and I WILL be going to zumba in the afternoon. Between those times, there is a company picnic that Kevin will probably have to attend, so I will be going to that event if need be.
Sorry today wasnt exciting!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hump Day Happenings

Only 2 things really happened today-- one, I spent the day cleaning the entire second floor of our house and did all of the laundry (and it looks niiiiiiice lol). Two, the new lens filters for the Nikon came in the mail today! They are super awesome and I can't wait to try them out on a sunnier day (today was mostly overcast). Kevin did the work thing today, but he is on the early shift, so I actually get to see him at 5, as opposed to the normal shift where he can walk in anywhere from 530 to 7pm! Yay for more Kevin time!-- what can I say, I just can't get enough of my awesome hunk of a husband ;)
Anyway, that was our boring day! Tomorrow, I *gasp* may be going to zumba in the morning-- I say may because my hip hasn't been feeling pretty good yesterday and today, so I might either low impact the entire class or just skip this week :( I'm hoping my hip is rested enough by tomorrow afternoon at least, so I can go to the 6pm class, but as its looking right now, that may not happen. I'm in bed early tonight, so hopefully that helps! Good night y'all!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tripler Tuesday

I'm posting from my phone tonight, so its going to be brief. Plus, I'm pretty tired! This morning, Kevin and I headed up to Tripler to see a dermatologist. He was referred there as part of the testing to find any other complications from his M.E.N.1. While there, he set up an appointment to get a couple pesky moles removed. The doc is also going to take some cultures on other things-- don't worry, its nothing serious!
Since I wasn't going to make it to zumba today (and my hip/back were really sore anyway), I spent the day relaxing! During my relaxation, Kevin tested me and told me that his endocrinologist confirmed that he would not be deploying this upcoming rotation. Yes, this is great news for the most part, but he is staying behind because the docs want to do even more tests, and possibly another surgery on his parathyroids. I'm sad because I don't like my wonderful husband being treated as a pin cushion! There are some bonuses to him being home-- we will have more time to continue fertility treatments and have a better chance of expanding our family, he will be home with me (duh), and I don't have to worry about him having acceptable medical care if he gets sick again. A couple of bummers-- he won't be deploying with his guys, and he will be put on Rear D, which can be a challenge. One good thing about Rear D though, is that he will probably be able to get some valuable platoon sergeant time in, so that when the board meets, his chances will increase in getting promoted. He will also get to continue school :)
Anyway, that was our day!. I'm off from the gym tomorrow, so I'm going to sleep in a little bit, then work on the house, all while waiting for our camera filters to be delivered!
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Project 365

Other than the normal Monday activities (ie. Step, errands,zumba), I didnt do a whole lot else today. I have been grumpy all day, most likely from PMS. Yeah, I said it. Blah.
Anyway, awhile back, I promised myself that when I got my DSLR camera, I would do a "Project 365". What is that, you ask? Project 365 is where I take a picture each day, it doesnt have to be anything fancy just a picture that chronicles my life or day, every day for one full year. I think it will be fun to do, plus it will help me hone my photography skills! I may create a seperate blog for that, and if I do, I will paste a link on our Hawaii blog, so that you guys can check it out!! Ideally, I would like to start the Project 365 on August 1st :)
Anyway, that was our day. Kevin came home from work early today because his stomach was hurting. He took a 3 hour nap, then I made him get up! Tomorrow, Kevin has an appointment at Tripler, and I will be coming along with him to that appointment. I may make it back in time for zumba, but if I dont I dont!
Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting, eh??

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pictures from yesterday

Since we basically just hung out around the house today, I'm just going to share some pictures from our hike yesterday!

*All of these pictures were taken by me, and are owned by me, so if you would like to use them, please ask me first*

Snack truck

Handsomness :)

This camera takes GORGEOUS pictures of flowers--score!!

A map of the one point, there is a set of 99 stairs to climb! It's not as bad as you might think though! I tell you what, these last 2 and a half years of step class really paid off, because I wasnt sore this morning at all!!

This was about a quarter of the way up

This was around halfway

Gorgeous views!

We made it to the top!

The zoom on this lens is really good too! This was taken from the summit and the lighthouse is just above sea level

I have no idea what this plant is, but I was amazed at the focus of the lens!

Waikiki and downtown Honolulu

This was at the summit

The view is soooooo worth the climb!

Reef :)

This was used by the fire department way back in the day

Here are these little mystery plants again

Yes, even in paradise...

The hike is pretty easy to do if you take your time! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the 75-stair staircase and the 99-stair staircase, but I was too busy focusing on making it up!
In other news, I called Sprint, and they did a factory reset on my phone. However, tonight it pulled the "I'm going to shut off and restart out of thin air" thing again, so I will be taking my phone to sprint tomorrow so they can give me a new one. Apparently, my issue is a known issue with HTC , but HTC hasnt sent through any bug fixes to sprint!! What the H, man?!?!?!? I hope my new phone doesnt do this-- I would hate to have to give up 7 years of service to Sprint because they cant get their phones to function properly.
Tomorrow starts another week, which means I will be starting my week with step class!! I have a bit of housework to do, then zumba tomorrow night! I hope all of you guys have a lovely week!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Diamond Head Crater and a Dumb Evo.

Howdy folks! Kevin and I were *supposed* to wake up uber early and catch the 10 mile race around Wheeler this morning, since it was practically right across the street from us, but we overslept. We also made plans to go hiking today, so around 130pm, we headed out towards Waikiki and Diamond Head Crater. The hike was wonderful (but boy was it hot!), and really easy to do. I took alot of pictures today, but its late and I dont feel like uploading them all right now, so I will have those for you guys tomorrow morning or afternoon (depending on what time we wake up)! The hike took us around 2 hours total, mostly because 'ol shutterbug here had to stop every 5 minutes and take pictures hehe. Once we were all the way back down the crater and in the car, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings, something we like to do whenever we are in Waikiki because its such a drive from where we live. It was delicious, as usual!
However, on the way to BWW, my Fabulous(note the sarcasm) HTC Evo decided to pull the same crap it did while Kevin was in the hospital, and restart itself over and over and over again without letting me get to the homescreen. So basically its useless until Sprint can do a hard reset on it.....again. That means I will lose my contact phone numbers.....again. I have no idea why it is doing this, and I have not, I repeat, HAVE NOT dropped it or caused any damage to it. I'm really PO'd about it. Plus, today was my brothers birthday, so I called to wish him a happy one, had to leave a message, and my phone acted up. So I dont know if he tried to call me back. Anyway, I will be traveling to Sprint tomorrow to get my phone looked at. If they cant help me, I want a new phone!! I have only had this phone a year this month, and this restarting over and over thing happened in April too! I think I have finally fallen out of love with my phone y'all :(
So, that was our day!!

Tim, I am SO sorry if you tried to call me back and I didnt dumb phone was being craptastic. I hope you had a great birthday, and I love ya!!!

Tomorrow, we are planning on sleeping in! Like, we may not wake up until noon sleeping in!! Theres not much planned for us tomorrow other than the Sprint trip, so I will have plenty of time to get those pictures posted on here!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Aloha Friday

I don't have much to post today. I went to step class this morning,where we used 2 benches instead of just one, but there was this one move I couldn't master to save my life. After step, I took Kevins dress blues in to.get cleaned and ran by the grocery store for a few things. I managed to get the rest of the laundry done before laying down and taking a 4 hour nap! I hadn't intended on sleeping that long, but I got zero also last night, so I guess my body needed some rest. I was knocked out so good, that I didn't hear Kevin come in the door at 5! I ended up sleeping 2 hours after that.
Anyway, Kevin was kind enough to make dinner tonight so that I could wake up a bit. We watched the season finale of Swamp People, and headed to bed. Tomorrow is an EARLY morning! We are going to the Race Around Wheeler to cheer Kevins coworkers on, then Kevin and I are going hiking! Have a great weekend, my loves!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tropic Thunder Thursday

After a few weeks, I'm back!!! Back to my regular routine, that is! this morning I went to Zumba, then deep cleaned the kitchen floor--well, as much as it could be cleaned with a swiffer. I have grown to hate my swiffer wet jet because it leaves a film on the hardwood floor. It makes the floor look dirty still--ugh, drives me nuts! Anyway, I did that, mowed the yard, and got almost all of the laundry under 4 hours! While I attended the second zumba class of the day, Kevin came with me and did a light workout! He is starting to slowly but surely get back into shape, and I'm so proud of him!
Tomorrow, I'm going to step class in the morning, where we are using 2 step platforms instead of one. I love the routine she has for that--it's suprisingly easy to pick up! Hopefully I will be able to relax some tomorrow, as I barely sat down today...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marriage Retreat- Day 3 and Pictures!

As promised, I have some pictures for you guys today chronicling our marriage retreat! Breakfast was provided this morning, then we had to be all checked out of the hotel by 10am. Kevin wanted to hang out by the beach for a little bit, so we put our stuff in the car and headed down to the sand and surf. We hung out there for a couple of hours, then headed down to the NEX to see if they had a filter set for the new camera (the filters are designed to protect the actual lens glass, plus create clearer pictures in sunlight and other lighting situations). Anyway, they didn't have a set for my lens size, so we just picked up a lens cleaner and a shirt for Kevin, and headed home. I missed my babies so much, and they were excited to see us!! Nevermind the fact that they got on the counters and knocked a bunch of stuff off. Crazy cats!! I headed to the grocery store for a few things, and we have been relaxing for the rest of the afternoon. Kevin took a nap, and I have been uploading pictures. I think I have taken around 600 pictures just in the last 2 days. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the new camera?!?!?!?!?
Well, without further ado, here are some pictures from yesterday and today!

Enjoying breakfast yesterday morning

This was the same person that performed in the video we saw--he is really funny!

Oh snap :)

Random boat

Yeah, I freaking LOVE this camera!!!

There's a pig roasting underneath the dirt covered tarp!

Samoan palm tree climber

Said pig from under the can see his butt hehe

Our table for the show

Fun Fact!!! This 11 years old. Yeah, 11!!!!

He was pretty awesome too, he is the reigning keiki (childrens) world champion in fire stick twirling!!

The view from our table at breakfast this morning

My sexy stud muffin--he's starting to get his strength back from the surgery

Kevin swimming

I heart him :)
 We had a fabulous time at the retreat, and it was really nice to get away for a couple of days and focus on each other!
I will now leave you with the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week! This weeks picture features Mia, who loves to sit on top of the self watering jug the cats have. She has done this ever since we lived in the old apartment back in Virginia! I love that cat!

"Look how cute I'm being, mommy!"
Ahhh, I missed my babies! Anyway, it's pretty late, so Kevin and I are headed to bed. Tomorrow I am doing some much needed cleaning, and helping my neighbor with unpacking all of her HHG's that just arrived yesterday (after 2  frustrating months in transit....oh yeah, and they broke her Dyson.) Good night, everybody!