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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday in pictures

Since we spent most of today sitting around, then spending some time at the commissary, I thought I would share a few pictures from yesterday!

This was actually taken at the Company picnic on Friday
 We started our day by heading to the other side of the island.

Cheesin' it up on our "roadtrip" to the windward side
 Once we were done completing our errands, we stopped to take some pictures of Kaneohe Bay, which is beautiful by the way!

This bay is where we went the 4th of July. You can see the light colored sandbars within the bay

See what looks like train tracks?? This is a hiking trail that is called "The Stairway to Heaven". This picture doesn't do it justice, as the "train tracks" go all the way up the mountain. It's practically straight up and down, so the trail has been closed for some time now. Its insane though!!
 When we were back on our side of the island, we decided to go out to eat for a late lunch. Kevin hadn't been to the shrimp trucks down in Hale'iwa, so off we went. We ate here:

I had the Pineapple Shrimp, and Kevin had the Kalbi Short Rib. Delicioso!
So that was our Saturday! Tomorrow starts another work week for Kevin, and another week of projects for me! I did a 2 week menu plan, and I'm excited to start cooking some of the recipes that I have listed on the plan :) I'm going to the gym tomorrow of course, and I'm planning on getting our DVD case stained to match the rest of our furniture. I would like to get some photos hung as well :) Oh, and I will be starting my Project 365, so be on the look out for that link! Good night everyone!

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