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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tropic Thunder Thursday

After a few weeks, I'm back!!! Back to my regular routine, that is! this morning I went to Zumba, then deep cleaned the kitchen floor--well, as much as it could be cleaned with a swiffer. I have grown to hate my swiffer wet jet because it leaves a film on the hardwood floor. It makes the floor look dirty still--ugh, drives me nuts! Anyway, I did that, mowed the yard, and got almost all of the laundry under 4 hours! While I attended the second zumba class of the day, Kevin came with me and did a light workout! He is starting to slowly but surely get back into shape, and I'm so proud of him!
Tomorrow, I'm going to step class in the morning, where we are using 2 step platforms instead of one. I love the routine she has for that--it's suprisingly easy to pick up! Hopefully I will be able to relax some tomorrow, as I barely sat down today...

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  1. I had to stop using the Swiffer - both because it didn't work well here and because I hated the chemicals. Brandon got me a steam mop and I've never looked back!