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Friday, July 8, 2011

Aloha Friday

First, let me apologize if this post doesn't make sense, I am running off of {literally} 2 hours of sleep.

Kevin and I were up at 0530 this morning to head down to Tripler. He had an appointment with the geneticist to get an idea of what types of genes we may pass down to our children. Our biggest concerns are passing the MEN1 gene, my congenital hip dysplasia gene, or my scoliosis gene. Any of these, if passed to our children, will mean future surgeries, corrections, etc. Anyway, the geneticist said that there is a 50% chance that the MEN1 gene will be passed to our future child(ren). Kevin gave a blood sample so that his genes could be studied, and in 6-10 weeks we will find out the results of the study. The geneticist put in a referral for me to see a geneticist in the pediatric department, for my particular issues, AND she put in a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist so we can continue fertility treatments!!! All I have to do now is touch base with my PCM and let him know whats going on, but I'm excited to continue to try and have a baby!! Oh, I almost forgot, when we initially started to talk to the geneticist, we told her about our issues (the MEN1, my hip, blah blah), and the first thing she says is....... there's a HUGE chance we will conceive twins (which will be most likely fraternal)!!! Ideally, I would love to have twins. One pregnancy, and I get 2 beautiful babies, and we don't ever have to go through the stresses of infertility again (because 2 is our max!). Ahhh, we will see what happens!! Our geneticist was really nice, and she lifted my spirits today, that's for sure!!! :)
Despite being ridiculously tired, I managed to make some peanut butter cookies, and attend zumba this afternoon! I am insanely tired now, though, so after this post is submitted to blogger, I am going to bed! Yeah, I know it's early-- I also know I'm getting old. I feel my bones..... lol
Tomorrow, we are "planning" to sleep in, then we are hanging out around the house until tomorrow night, when we are meeting up with Annie, her husband, Sarah, and her husband to celebrate Sarah's birthday! It should be a super fun evening!
Good night, folks!

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