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Friday, July 15, 2011


I couldn't shake this feeling today, no matter what! Maybe it's because I am only running on 3 and a half hours of sleep (again.), therefore I'm grumpy. I had a few things that made me grumpy this morning, but step class wasn't one of them (of course). My hip started hurting in class, but I had pretty good flow, so it wasn't too bad!
After step class, I came home and showered, then waited on the girls to get here. This afternoon, we dropped some friends off at the airport, then promptly sniffed out a Dairy Queen for some delicious treats! Well, my Sprint Navigation got us lost, and where they said a DQ was, was nothing but empty buildings.Denied! No worries though! We headed down to Pearlridge Mall, and scored some delicious DQ blizzards down there! Yes, even I had one. And yes, I feel insanely guilty about it too. In my defense, that is the first blizzard I've had in almost 2 years, and I only ate maybe half of a medium. It was delicious. Anyway, the girls and I enjoyed our ice cream while chatting and sitting in *lovely* Honolulu traffic on the way home (note the sarcasm about traffic). I really like hanging with those ladies, they're great kids--er, I mean, young women :) Babysitting them has been a breeze! Sadly, I won't see them again until Wednesday (super sad face.), but when we are reunited, we are baking some Key Lime Pie and homemade cheesecake!! I love having baking buddies!!! They're gonna make me fat LOL
Tomorrow, I may go to step class, but it all depends on how I am feeling hip wise. If not, its cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Since I've had the girls this week, I have neglected some housework, and I would , to get that done before we leave for our marriage retreat this weekend. Speaking of that, we got our itinerary, and I am really excited to spend some uninterrupted one on one time with Kevin!!!
More tomorrow!

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