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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tripler Tuesday

I'm posting from my phone tonight, so its going to be brief. Plus, I'm pretty tired! This morning, Kevin and I headed up to Tripler to see a dermatologist. He was referred there as part of the testing to find any other complications from his M.E.N.1. While there, he set up an appointment to get a couple pesky moles removed. The doc is also going to take some cultures on other things-- don't worry, its nothing serious!
Since I wasn't going to make it to zumba today (and my hip/back were really sore anyway), I spent the day relaxing! During my relaxation, Kevin tested me and told me that his endocrinologist confirmed that he would not be deploying this upcoming rotation. Yes, this is great news for the most part, but he is staying behind because the docs want to do even more tests, and possibly another surgery on his parathyroids. I'm sad because I don't like my wonderful husband being treated as a pin cushion! There are some bonuses to him being home-- we will have more time to continue fertility treatments and have a better chance of expanding our family, he will be home with me (duh), and I don't have to worry about him having acceptable medical care if he gets sick again. A couple of bummers-- he won't be deploying with his guys, and he will be put on Rear D, which can be a challenge. One good thing about Rear D though, is that he will probably be able to get some valuable platoon sergeant time in, so that when the board meets, his chances will increase in getting promoted. He will also get to continue school :)
Anyway, that was our day!. I'm off from the gym tomorrow, so I'm going to sleep in a little bit, then work on the house, all while waiting for our camera filters to be delivered!
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