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Friday, July 1, 2011

Aloha Friday

Today was a typical Friday for us!! I went to step class this morning, came home and made a grocery list, and survived the payday mob at the commissary! The rest of the afternoon was spent starting the massive kitchen organization project I hope to finish by Sunday. So far I've done half of the pantry and some cabinets. Yeah, I'm a slow mover....
I decided not to go to zumba class this afternoon because my legs are still sore from all of the  weightlifting/yardwork/gym classes this week. Kevin and I are going biking tomorrow, so I will still get some great cardio (Gulch, anyone?)
We had a nice steak dinner and we are spending the evening relaxing. It has been super uneventful today, sorry guys!!! Tomorrow, other than the biking, I may lay out for a bit and {attempt} to hide this crazy farmers tan I have acquired! Oh, and the back of my neck is burnt, but my front neckline is WHITE. Nice.

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